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Just for Men hits home run with sports fans through interactive quiz

Just for Men

Landing page for Just for Men ad campaign on theScore

Combe Incorporated’s Just for Men targeted sports fan by advertising on mobile application theScore with an interactive quiz, producing a brand lift of 24 percent. 

The Just for Men campaign provided an advertising experience consumers were interested in engaging with by quizzing them on sports trivia on mobile, a platform well suited for interactive experiences. TheScore provides a series of scores from various sports leagues, and its user base is significantly made up of older males who may be interested in Just for Men. 

“Sports and trivia go hand-in-hand and quizzes like these create great engagement and allows the user to interact with it and have fun, building a greater connection with the sports fan and the brand,” said Ethan Ross, senior vice president of sales at theScore. “We know that people's habits on mobile are different from those on desktop. 

“The mobile device is largely used to entertain and pass the time, and this is exactly what we did with our campaign for Just for Men,” he said. “Just for Men saw tangible brand lift following this campaign, which means more people were likely to buy the product after seeing the creative. 

“That is a success metric that goes beyond simple clicks and impressions, it means it had a deep impact on those that engaged with it. That is hugely powerful.”

Mobile quizzes
Users on theScore app interacted with the advertising campaign from Just for Men, which appeared natively within the platform with ad images and an interactive trivia game. 

The ads on theScore are a part of Just for Men’s promotion for its line for beards and also launched a contest in which users shared pictures of their facial hair through social media, leveraging interest in playful content and the cult-like followings of sports announcers Keith Hernandez and Walt Frazier (see more). 

Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Frazier were also featured in theScore ads, with their images alongside the various text and content. One advertisement featured a before and after look for a man using Just for Men on his beard and enticed users to continue by clicking the text reading “put gray in the past, click here fast.”

The ads provided trivia questions to sports fans such as prompting users to answer the question “which bearded San Francisco Giant closer struck out Nelson Cruz for the final out of 2010 World Series.” Participants chose from a list of options such as “Brian Wilson,” “Sergio Romo,” “Trevor Hoffman” and “Adam Wainright.”

Sports and brands
Similarly, pairing together sports and food is not just for during a game, but recently made its way to mobile marketing with Mars, Budweiser and AllRecipes among a growing list of marketers partnering with sports organizations such as NASCAR, WWE and others (see more).

“Tech-savvy sports fans are a core market for Just for Men,” Mr. Ross said. “TheScore app has a huge and highly engaged audience of sports fans. 

“In North America, we are the second most popular sports app, just behind ESPN and our engagement is through the roof, with sports fans opening us on average 70-80 times a month each,” he said. “The nature of our content also means we hit that much sought-after demographic of 18-30-year-old males.”

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Brielle Jaekel is staff writer on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York. Reach her at brielle@mobilemarketer.com.

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