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Publishers Clearing House acquires Liquid Wireless to delve into mobile space


Publisher's Clearing House is tapping into mobile

Sweepstakes brand marketer Publishers Clearing House has acquired Liquid Wireless to enhance its efforts for optimizing the play and win content and experiences on mobile devices.

Liquid Wireless will help Publishers Clearing House create and deploy mobile campaigns. The company will also be able to track activity from lead generation and click-through to post conversion sale.

“Publishers Clearing House is announcing the acquisition of Liquid Wireless, a Portland, Maine-based company specializing in mobile lead generation, media buying and analytics,” said Andy Goldberg, CEO of Publishers Clearing House, Port Washington, NY.

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“First and foremost it is important for you to understand the technology and service offering that Liquid Wireless offers,” he said. “The company’s mobile platform and services offering is a 360 degree approach to lead generation and customer acquisition – two things are that key to PCH campaigns.

“Liquid Wireless not only creates and deploys mobile campaigns, the platform tracks activity from lead generation and click-through to post conversion sale and also auto-optimizes to ensure that campaigns are performing at the highest conversion rate – this is one of the company's key differentiators and PCH appreciates the holistic approach to their technology and service offering.”

Publishers Clearing House is known for the sweepstakes it has used since 1967 to draw attention to its direct mail and online offers of merchandise and magazine subscriptions.

Liquid Wireless specializes in mobile lead generation, media buying and analytics.

Mobile enhancements
According to Mr. Goldberg, Publishers Clearing House has found success in online ecommerce and advertising businesses, but wants to further its position in mobile.

With the Liquid Wireless acquisition, the company can tap into the mobile engaged audience and provides a new market for existing and new advertising clients.

“People are no longer tethered to their desktops and laptops and are using mobile phones, smartphones and tablet to access the Internet, shop, play games, interact online and much more,” Mr. Goldberg said. “This presents a unique opportunity for Publishers Clearing House and the brand marketers we work with to give consumers access to play and win opportunities across its multiple platforms and channels. 

“Liquid Wireless’ revolutionary and proprietary mobile customer acquisition engine will help tap into the mobile engaged audience and provides a new market for existing and new PCH advertising clients,” he said.

“One very interesting stat is that during Publisher’s Clearing House’s current TV blitz 30 percent of all registrants on http://www.pch.com came to the site via the mobile Web. That's a huge increase from last January and many of these registrants are totally new to PCH.”

Associate Editor Rimma Kats covers media, television, research and social networks. Reach her at rimma@mobilemarketer.com.

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