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Heineken incentivizes app usage via augmented reality, contests


Heineken is launching a mobile application as part of a summer promotion that is aimed at driving repeat usage with contests and content that keep users coming back regularly.

Heineken is using the app to help launch its limited edition, 16-once Star bottles in the United States. The Heineken Star app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

“Heineken is all about innovation and being on the cutting-edge and augmented reality in mobile apps is exactly that,” said Belen Pamukoff, brand director at Heineken USA, White Plains, NY.

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“Augmented reality is the best way to elevate the consumer’s interaction with the new Star bottle and enables the bottle to be the transformative key that unlocks prizes and world-class experiences,” she said.

How it works
The Heineken app uses image recognition to unlock content when users point the app at a Heineken or Heineken Star bottle.

Once the app detects that the device is pointed at a bottle, daily sweepstakes and contest are unlocked.

From May to June, eight sweepstakes prizes that are tied to trips can be unlocked via the app. Heineken is giving out trips that include the U.S. Open in New York and the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.

Additionally, four daily instant win prizes are being doled out via the app. These include gift cards that can be redeemed for Heineken products in retail stores.

Consumers can explore a 3D globe to see if they have won a prize.

As consumers use the app more, more content is unlocked, such as additional information on the brand, prizes and sweepstakes.

Compared to other apps that leverage augmented reality and image recognition for promotions, what makes the Heineken Star app stand out is its focus on refreshing new content that will likely bring consumers back multiple times during the campaign.

App happy
Heineken relies heavily on apps for many of its mobile marketing efforts.

Most recently, Heineken activated its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League soccer tournament via a new mobile application (see story).

Similarly, Heineken used mobile apps to promote its sponsorship of the Ultra Music Festival earlier this year (see story).

“The Heineken consumer is the man of the world who is closely attached to technology, and apps enable us to tap directly into our guy’s passion point and enhance his life,” Ms. Pamukoff said.

“The Star app gets the new bottle in people’s hands and literally uses the bottle to open your world,” she said.

“We know our man of the world is interested in travel and learning about new places so we think this is the perfect vehicle."

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York


Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer. Reach her at lauren@mobilemarketer.com.

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