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Mobile Minutes: Applebee's, Windows, tablets, Thirdlove


Applebee's to serve tablets at every table
That endless wait for the restaurant check soon may be over, USA Today reports.
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Windows smartphones starting to specifically undermine iPhone demand
Kantar Worldpanel has its new survey up, and there is one particular aspect of the August-October period that pops up. In those European markets where Windows is making its biggest market share gains, Apple’s iPhone is losing a lot more share than in those markets where Windows gains are muted. Google’s Android camp is not losing share in any of the European markets – Windows gains seem to be a specific problem for the iPhone, according to Forbes.
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The tablet market will close out the year with a huge fourth quarter, and grow 74pc in 2013
The tablet market is so new, many observers misunderstand the device's unique nature and assume that its growth trajectory will follow the same path as the smartphone's. In fact, tablets are far more like a traditional consumer electronics purchase than a smartphone, per Business Insider.
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ThirdLove's techie take on bra shopping debuts gift card
Bra shopping made easy and bra fitting made more precise, courtesy of your smartphone and a tight-fitting tank top, USA Today reports.
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