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Mobile Minutes: Paper vs. Flipboard, IT's control mentality, Adidas, app market globalization


Facebook Paper vs. Flipboard: Which news app delivers?
The anxiety of Internet news is that there's always one more headline to click. No one human could begin to sort through all those pages without going a little mad. So how do you become an informed citizen without making it your full-time job?, according to The Wall Street Journal.
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Why IT's control mentality will cause mobile failure
I was so proud of myself. I had worked with several mobile vendors. I had talked to people struggling to make mobile work in their companies. I had written articles (see the list below) and talked to analysts. In short, I did my homework, and I came up with a program for how to make mobility work “Using Mobile Technology to Discover your Path to Business Transformation”, per Forbes.
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Adidas sues Under Armour over patents
Adidas AG sued rival Under Armour Inc. on Tuesday, alleging it infringed on 10 Adidas patents used in the German company's fitness tracking system called miCoach, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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App market globalization: The big theme of 2014
According to App Annie, Japan became the biggest app market in the world last October, surpassing the United States and continuing to grow at a far faster clip. Many app vendors started reacting to Japan’s new prominence already in 2013 and the year 2014 is likely to be defined by how Japan continues to integrate to Western markets. If current trends hold, by Christmas of 2014, Japanese app revenue may top US app revenue by 30-40 percent. It is already impossible to become the top vendor in the world without strong Japanese iOS and/or Google Play market performance. At the moment, Apple and Google are fighting a pitched battle in Japan, with roughly similar chunks of the overall app market.
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