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Gucci places sunglass collection amid laid-back Hollywood atmosphere


Video still from Gucci Techno Color Sunglass film

Italian fashion label Gucci went West for its latest social video to capture its Techno Color sunglasses in the midst of West Hollywood.

Actor James Franco, who has previously appeared in advertising campaigns for the brand, stars in and directed the film that shows him at the legendary hotel Chateau Marmont. Through the video’s setting and campaign star, Gucci is able to showcase its new eyewear collection as part of a laid-back glamorous lifestyle.

"The collaboration between James Franco and the new Techno Color Sunglass Collection aims to align with the cool, but classic feel of Los Angeles," said Amanda Rue, strategist at Carrot Creative, New York.

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"The creative direction, provided by James Franco himself, highlights the laissez-faire but elegant feel embodied with legendary Hollywood," she said. "The goal then is to align this feeling of Los Angeles with the essence of the new product line."

Ms. Rue is not affiliated with Gucci but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Gucci did not respond by press deadline.

Checking in
Gucci’s one-minute film was produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions.

The video begins by showing Mr. Franco driving on a street in Los Angeles in a vintage car wearing sunglasses. As he drives, the angle of the camera changes to show a Gucci billboard behind him.

Video still from Gucci

Mr. Franco then parks and goes into the Chateau Marmont, known for its status as a celebrity haunt. He goes and sits poolside, talking to a woman with a drink in hand.

Video still from Gucci

The actor’s attention is diverted by model Natalia Bonifacci, who is in the pool, sunglasses on. She goes under the water and the camera switches back and forth between her emerging from the pool and Mr. Franco’s sunglass-covered eyes watching her.

Video still from Gucci

Mr. Franco follows Ms. Bonifacci through the brush outside the hotel. In a second shot, she is shown in a different dress descending the stairs and entering his room, where he stands at the mirror buttoning his shirt.

Video still from Gucci

The couple meets under the Gucci billboard to share a kiss.

Video still from Gucci

Gucci’s film ends with a shot of the pair driving in the same car as the beginning. They pass the same billboard Mr. Franco drove past before, but head in the opposite direction.

Sarah Jones is editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York. Reach her at sarah@napean.com.

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