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Kellogg Co. defeats advertising aversion with Captain America VR game

captain america

Kellogg Co. is sponsoring a mobile virtual reality game on the heels of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War box office success in which users can become the superhero, cognizant of the pull of non-advertising marketing tactics with consumers.

The consumer packaged goods brands is engaging with Marvel fans through the partnership in which users can defeat Captain America's foes through a VR game. Consumers who are a part of its rewards program and purchase participating brands’ products can sign up to receive a Marvel branded cardboard viewer. 

"The Kellogg’s Marvel’s Captain American: Civil War VR game is one of the most compelling brand implementations of VR I have seen thus far," said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. "They have reached new heights in putting the fun back into the functional of branded apps. 

"The great thing about this initiative is that they have produced a connected marketing program that can connect, engage and influence individuals, at scale," he said. "To enjoy the experience all someone needs is a smartphone, which most of us have, and a VR Viewer, which is easily obtainable by purchasing a participating Kellogg’s product and submitting the receipt to receive a free viewer (or you can use a variety viewers, like Google Cardboard). 

"Once you have the viewer in hand, the fun comes alive. You enter the world of Captain America and with your Capital America, Iron Man or other superhero powers are immersed into a 360-degree virtual gaming experience, including relevant Kellogg’s branding."

Virtual reality promotions
Shoppers who buy Cheez-It, Keebler, Kellogg’s or Pringles products can opt-in to receive a cardboard viewer through its rewards Web site. The cardboard viewers are designed as either Captain America or Iron Man, the two main characters of Marvel’s latest film. 

Players can download the mobile application to play a virtual reality game as either Captain America or Iron Man. The game allows users to defeat main antagonist Crossbones and his crew, and can move their devices throughout the space as they are actually there. 

For instance, once the mobile device is placed in the cardboard viewing device, users can move their head side to side to view the virtual setting within the game. However, users without the cardboard viewer can play in a standard mode with their mobile devices using their hands. 

Users can also watch Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie trailer, unlock character bios and download smartphone wallpapers. 

Mobile gaming
Similarly, AMC’s The Walking Dead and its prequel series Fear the Walking Dead provided super fans with a digital marketplace to collect trading cards based on the series via a mobile application, building on their significant followings (see more). 

Nathan’s Famous also tapped into the popular trend of mobile gamification with an optimized microsite that takes users to a virtual Coney Island, enabling them to earn tickets toward prizes by answering trivia, taking amusement park rides and playing boardwalk games (see more). 

"Kellogg’s has increased the fun further by incentivizing people to buy more participating Kellogg's product,"
Mr. Becker said. "When you purchase participating products you can scan the products to unlock game boosters and secret levels in the game, very smart!"

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Brielle Jaekel is staff writer on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York. Reach her at brielle@mobilemarketer.com.

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