Steinway bolsters brand awareness via musical iPad app


Steinway & Sons, a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments Inc., has rolled out an iPad application that teaches consumers how to play the piano, while also building brand awareness.    

The Etude 2.0 iPad app lets users learn, read and buy sheet music. The app is available for free download in Apple’s App Store.

“Our strategy is simple,” said Henry Alfano, chief technology officer at Steinway Musical Instruments, New York.

“Build the best pianos in the world and support the use of our pianos by developing tools that help us grow ever closer to our family of teachers, students, musicians and future Steinway & Sons customers,” he said.

Mobile music
The Steinway app offers in-app purchasing and downloading of sheet music and affords the user a variety of options to hear how the music should sound and how it is played.

The app features interactive sheet music that is specially engraved for the iPad and features cues for finger placement, multiple view modes and lets users hear playback with varying tempos.

There is also the piano roll mode, which is a familiar view for players of music-based video games.

The feature helps beginners learn to play by rolling color over the appropriate keys during playback.

Users can also download free and premium sheet music and access and manage downloaded sheet music from the personal in-app library.

“Our efforts to spread the word about Étude include the use of our own Web properties, Facebook, Twitter, normal press channels, our worldwide dealer network and through our relationships with our teacher and student communities,” Mr. Alfano said.

Musical advantage
Developing an iPad app is ideal for Steinway and helps it build a presence in the mobile space.

Technology is evolving and many users are turning to their mobile devices and tablets to do certain tasks.

The iPad app helps Steinway build a mobile presence not only for existing customers, but for new ones as well.

“Steinway's mobile strategy revolves primarily around customer service,” Mr. Alfano said. “We work hard to create software that makes it easier for our representatives to speak to our customers, Steinway owners and enthusiasts and music lovers around the world.

“Steinway's Étude app and our Metronome app represent an extension of our desire to improve and enrich the musical experience,” he said. “We are convinced this is the right path.”

Final Take
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