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Combining mobile video ad units achieves better campaign results

Mobile video services gaining momentum: Ovum surve

Mobile video looking up

A new report by Rhythm NewMedia found that combining mobile video advertising units drives all brand marketing objectives and helps stretch marketing dollars.

Rhythm found that its daily audience is interacting with videos, mobile games and news-related content. Combining in-stream, interactive pre-roll and tap-to-video ad units ensures that marketers are reaching all of these consumers.

“We have shown the combo of all three units is an effective way to reach the largest potential audience,” said Lisa Abramson, director of marketing at Rhythm, Mountain View, CA.

“People do different things on mobile,” she said. “Some watch video and so an in-stream ad would work to reach them.

“Others are playing a game and can be exposed to an interactive pre-roll between levels or at app launch. Others are reading articles or viewing photos and can be served tap-to-video units.”

Mobile video performance
InsightExpress found that mobile video campaigns lead to a 19X increase in aided awareness, a 4X increase in unaided awareness and a 2X increase in ad awareness when compared to typical
online video campaigns.

With results like this, Rhythm is finding that a number of sectors have been ramping up their mobile video strategies.

Entertainment brands are the fastest to adopt mobile video advertising strategies.

Telecom and consumer packaged goods brands are also on board, per Ms. Abramson. She also expects that more retailers will be jumping on board soon.

In-stream video ads outperform all other video units and have a high average completion rate of 87 percent and a 1.3 percent click through rate.

These ad units provide immersive experiences, qualifying them as brand-building tools, Rhythm says in its study.  

Rhythm found that interactive pre-roll video ad units are great for extending brand reach. These units see a 27 percent completion rate on average and 4.5 percent video click through rate.

“Interactive pre-roll is a great way for brands to extend their reach and make their video ads widely available,” Ms. Abramson said.

Tap-to-interactive video experiences are seeing a 21 percent completion and 7.2 percent video click through rate.

These units help advertisers find their most engaged consumer and the reach is great.

“What is most interesting is that there is a misconception throughout the industry that video ads can only run in front of video content,” Ms. Abramson said. “But there are more opportunities than just in-stream.

“Videos can run at in-app launch, in between game levels or as banners to a full page ad for tap-to-video,” she said. “The opportunities are greater than people have previously assumed and the different formats have different benefits.”

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Giselle Tsirulnik is deputy managing editor on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily. Reach her at giselle@mobilemarketer.com.

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