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Lovoo, Vinted hone Twitter strategies with app tracking


Mobile-application publishers are realizing benefits from their advertising campaigns on Twitter through the use of technology that helps them assess the performance of those efforts.

App marketers including social-discovery company Lovoo and fashion-swapping platform Vinted are able to see data around the customers their Twitter ads are attracting, and thus are better able to refine their Twitter advertising campaigns. Adjust, a mobile attribution and analytics company, is one of a a handful of such firms certified to provide mobile app conversion tracking (MACT) as a partner in Twitter’s new mobile-app promotion program. 

“Previously mobile ad campaigns were untraceable because users are directed to app stores, and app stores do not pass the data back to the apps or publishers,” said Dovydas Jakštas, performance marketing manager at Vinted. “So the tool basically maps the user before they are directed to app stores and after they install the app.” 

Twitter is partnering with several leading companies in mobile measurement to help app marketers gauge their campaign performance thorugh its new mobile-app promotion program. In addition to Adjust, these partners include AD-X, AppsFlyer, Fiksu, Grab, Hasoffers and Kochava. 

Lovoo, too 
Social-discovery app Lovoo also has been leveraging the new MACT capabilities for its Twitter ads. Lovoo facilitates introductions between people in the same area. 

“We use Adjust to measure all our mobile attributions – organic installations as well as marketed,” said André Kempe, head of marketing and public relations at Lovoo. “All installations, registrations, revenue events and user activity to give us a full perspective on the user funnel. 

“In terms of Twitter, we are using their new app-install ads and saw extremely good results.” 

Mr. Kempe said the service helps Lovoo understand where its users are coming from, how active they are and if the ads are reaching existing users on Twitter through a new re-attribution function. 

“Using this re-attribution model we can see how many of the clicks on an ad came from users who installed our app already and just re-opened it,” he said. “Twitter again lets us optimize our acquisition by excluding those users from such campaigns. So we can have effective acquisition campaigns as well as retargeting campaigns to split the costs.” 

In unveiling the new app platform, Twitter said the mobile app space is so cluttered that it can be challenging for brands to find new consumers. Plus, the flow of content on social media often prevents consumers from seeing brand posts. 

The new mobile app promotion works like Twitter’s other targeted promotions. A brand can locate groups of potential users based on hashtags, location, interests and other factors, and deliver a Tweet that encourages them to download a particular app. 

Brands can customize the promoted Tweet to include app icons, descriptions from app stores, customized messages about why a consumer should download the app and deep links that enable downloading through Twitter (see story). 

Akin to Facebook 
Adjust is also a measurement partner for Facebook, and helps clothing-swap network Vinted understand how the company’s ad campaigns perform on that platform as well. 

“We spend a lot of our budget on Facebook, and we want to know that we are spending on the right campaigns,” Mr. Jakštas said. “So Adjust helps us identify the best campaign to distribute our budget. 

“We can now also properly track Twitter campaigns. Twitter has a huge mobile audience and we are now extracting the full potential from Twitter," he said.

"We can now understand what works there and what are the costs per acquisition, costs per install, etc. We try to optimize our marketing spend to get the maximum return on investment.”

Final Take
Mark Hamstra is content director at Mobile Marketer

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