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Ore-Ida taps Pinterest to inspire dinnertime conversation topics


Ore-Ida is rolling out a relevant campaign to coincide with one of its products

Ore-Ida Potatoes is tapping Pinterest for a mobile-optimized, family-friendly campaign that aims to inspire bold dinner table conversations and also ramp up awareness of its Bold and Crispy fries, suggesting that Pinterest is still relevant for mobile marketers.

Ore-Ida is attempting to combat a problem that many Americans claim they experience: the lack of meaningful conversations around the dinner table with family members, especially children. The brand’s Pinterest campaign posts sample questions regularly for consumers to bring up to spark bold conversation and personal thoughts, in celebration of its popular Bold and Crispy product.

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“Pinterest has a very active community that will be valuable to brands for years to come,” said  Benjamin Hordell, partner at DXagency, Edgewater, NJ. “Along with Instagram, you will notice that image-based social networks are where people are spending most of their time.

“With the extension of the Pinterest boards to a dynamic mobile app, Pinterest will be able to be even more accessible to the mom/CEO of the household who is on the go. Pinterest is known to be very popular with females and higher income individuals – this is where a brand wants to be.”

Creative channels
Pinterest, which is available as a mobile-optimized site and a mobile application, provides brands with the opportunity to develop more creative approaches of resonating emotionally with consumers and showcasing their products. It is also an optimal communication channel for certain demographics, such as millennial women that enjoy crafting and searching for recipes.

Ore-Ida Bold and Crispy recently sponsored a research study, with findings displaying that more than 90 percent of parents or guardians claim they have difficulty with adding flavor to dinnertime conversations with their children, and are actively seeking ways of spicing up their mealtime routines.

The Pinterest posts all follow a similar format

The study was able to pinpoint a range of topics that parents thought might contribute to better two-way communication, with 49 percent of survey participants agreeing on healthy habits as a good topic, 46 percent for personal dreams or goals, 44 percent for entertainment interests and 43 percent for school-related subjects.

The brand was then able to incorporate these topics into its starter questions, which will be posted frequently on a designated Pinterest board, titled #FindYourBOLD Dinner Table Topics.

Bold images
The Pinterest posts all follow the same format, which features a bright image against a red background, with a statistic from the study displayed as a banner at the top of the post.

The question is then superimposed over the photo, with the #FindYourBOLD hashtag emblazoned at the bottom.

Sample questions include “What celebrities do you think are setting a bad example with their health?,” “If I could magically have another one hour a day, how could I use it to help you?” and “What do you think a cell phone will look like in the future?”

The study, commissioned by Ore-Ida Bold and Spicy fries, looked at meal rituals

The research also revealed that 90 percent of respondents are making more moves to liven up their meals in addition to livelier conversation. 62 percent are adding spices to their food, while 43 percent are relying on adding dips and sauces to meals.

Meanwhile, 62 percent are trying new recipes, which points to Pinterest as an optimal channel to use to reach on-the-go consumers that use the app or mobile site to browse for recipe and meal ideas.

Ore-Ida hopes that consumers may also be swayed to try its Bold and Crispy fries, which come in three flavors: Spicy Sriracha, Garlic and Pepper Steakhouse and Smoky BBQ Oven.

“It is always best to lead with data,” Mr. Hordell said. “The fact that the brand validated the idea with research shows that they are entering a conversation that people want to have. 

“Because of this I believe the campaign, if properly managed, will succeed.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York

Alex Samuely is staff writer on Mobile Marketer, New York. Reach her at alex@mobilemarketer.com.

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