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Men's Wearhouse leverages Snapchat for prom-themed campaign


Men's Wearhouse new campaign takes advantage of Snapchat's interactive SnapAds

Men’s Wearhouse is tapping into Snapchat for an interactive digital campaign aimed at high school students as prom season ramps up with #NationalPromposalDay.

The campaign celebrates the creative ways teens ask each other to prom with a Snapchat campaign that recruits social media influencers to pull off their own creative prom proposals. Men’s Wearhouse is hoping to attract valuable young consumers in order to gain more sales before the school year ends.

"It was such an honor to work with a cool brand like Men's Wearhouse," said Summer McKeen, a social media influencer who is featured in the campaign. "I loved how creative the team was in pulling together such a fun video." 

National Promposal Day
With the end of the school year approaching comes one of the most important times for high school students, prom season.

For many US high schoolers, prom is an important ritual and the traditional prom proposal is even more important.

High school students regularly try to outdo each other when it comes to prom proposals by having the most creative and outlandish proposal around.

Men’s Wearhouse, as a provider of rental suits that many high school boys rent and wear for prom, is seeking to capitalize on this profitable season for them by encouraging outlandish and outgoing prom proposals as well as raising its own brand awareness thanks to a new Snapchat campaign.

Dylan Jordan

The brand is recruiting the help of three prominent social media influencers to create video content relating to their own prom proposals to share with Men’s Wearhouse’s customers.

Ms. McKeen and her real-life boyfriend Dylan Jordan will have their own dueling prom proposals countered while the face of last year’s Men’s Wearhouse prom campaign Brent Rivera will join them.

The videos are hosted on YouTube and social media, and will be shared with the hashtag #NationalPromposalDay.

Additionally, Men’s Wearhouse is partnering with Snapchat for a series of Ssapchat specific interactive ads and campaigns to support #NationalPromoposalDay.

Snapchat will host interactive prom-themed games which users can complete to unlock a prom proposal filter to send to their desired prom dates.

Men’s Wearhouse is one of the first brands to take advantage of Snapchat’s new SnapAds feature that allows it to provide brands with custom, interactive ads that make use of Snapchat’s unique format.

These ads take many forms, such as games or custom filters and are a way for brands to target Snapchat’s valuable younger audience.

Men’s Wearhouse is taking particular advantage of this by using it to advertise for a campaign directed specifically at younger consumers.

Summer McKeen

SnapAds are also a way for Snapchat to differentiate itself from competitors which have begun to offer very similar features to the platform such as Instagram’s Stories feature (see story).

Additionally, even brands outside of social media platforms have begun copying Snapchat’s mobile-first format, such as a recent Web redesign of Forbes meant to mimic Snapchat’s style (see story).

"Awesome project alongside my best friend and partner in crime," Mr. Jordan said. "Love the message and it's been great to work with Men's Wearhouse to make promposals extra special across the US." 

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Danny Parisi is staff writer on Mobile Marketer, New York. Reach him at danny@napean.com.

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