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Swarovski to surprise, delight with smartwatch category entrance


Swarovski smartwatch teaser, video still

Precision-cut crystal maker Swarovski is teasing a new smartwatch that will be unboxed at Baselworld 2017 in Switzerland this March.

The brand, stating that “timing is everything,” will make the official announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 5-8. For now, the jewelry brand has shared only a short teaser video telling little of the smartwatches’ attributes and design.

It is time 
Swarovski’s smartwatch is described in its teaser video as “smart” and “brilliant” with a design that will “surprise and delight.”

The teaser leads into these adjectives with the phrase “It is time” set against a black screen. In a following scene, a Swarovski gift box begins to slowly open, and as it does a bright light radiates from its center.

The light becomes so blinding that the viewer’s screen is whited out before “Baselworld 2017” appears and the video ends.

Swarovski will share news of the smartwatch, its design and features at CES later this week. Then, during Baselworld 2017 in Basel, Switzerland, Swarovski will physically debut the smartwatch at its festival booth.

Swarovski has brought its style to wearable tech in the past. In January 2015, Swarovski enter the wearable tech space with an activity and sleep tracker.

Swarovski Shine, unveiled during CES 2015, is a functional crystal along with a line of accompanying jewelry pieces in the brand’s trademark style. Tech companies are still working to get fashion-conscious consumers to adopt wearables, and designing them to look like regular accessories may help convince them (see story).

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