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Is Tim Cook’s lack of showmanship hurting Apple?
By Rimma Kats

Although many may argue otherwise, Apple is still at the top of its game. The manufacturing giant has received some scrutiny over the past months, most recently for a major drop in its stock value. However, some believe that it is CEO Tim Cook’s fault for not putting on more of a public face – something his charismatic predecessor and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs did immensely well.

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Lexus leverages Facebook newsfeed for mobile-focused effort to drive awareness
By Chantal Tode

With Facebook engagements increasingly happening on mobile, Lexus recently leveraged the social network’s newsfeed to drive awareness for two new vehicles using live streaming video.

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Mcommerce Summit 2013 New York May 2: Walmart, Walgreens, Bank of America, Lancôme, Design Within Reach, Priceline, Forr

Registration is open for the Mcommerce Summit: State of Mobile Commerce 2013 conference Thursday, May 2 with speakers from Walmart, Walgreens, Bank of America, Lancôme, Design Within Reach, Priceline and Forrester Research. Must-attend New York event for retailers and marketers.

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44pc of marketers not leveraging mobile for local marketing: study
By Lauren Johnson

Despite mobile’s promise to deliver hyper-relevant marketing, brands are either disregarding the medium or stretching their mobile efforts too thin, according to a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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Weather Channel revamps Android app with interactive user interface
By Rimma Kats

The Weather Channel is giving users a more personalized weather experience with an updated Android application that also gives consumers an immediate and exact view of when to expect rain to start and stop.

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Real Simple marries mobile and print via image recognition
By Lauren Johnson

Time Inc.’s Real Simple is placing mobile at the center of a recurring front-of-book section that uses image recognition to bring static pages to life.

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Should luxury marketers climb on the Vine? - Luxury Daily
By Staff reports

Luxury Daily today - Should luxury marketers climb on the Vine?; Global branding power pushed luxury conglomerates' year-end sales figures.

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Luxury hoteliers’ mobile apps become adolescents

By Carol Banks Setter

Luxury hoteliers are cautiously moving into the mobile application space and the results are widely divergent. They have taken their baby steps but are in an adolescent phase, lacking a mature offering.

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