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Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising

Mobile Ad Guide 185

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Mobile advertising works when used as part of a cross-media campaign and dialogue. According to Berg Insight, mobile will account for 15.2 percent of global online ad spend in 2016. The total value of the global mobile marketing and advertising market will grow from $3.4 billion in 2010 at a compound annual growth rate of 37 percent to $22.4 billion in 2016.

Mobile advertising matured drastically in 2011, with more sophisticated ad units and campaign executions. This maturation has made consumers more open to mobile ads. According to Nielsen’s State of the Media: Consumer Usage Report, 51 percent of consumers say that they are OK with advertising on their devices if it means they can access content for free.

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Already big brands such as The Coca-Cola Co., Starbucks, Target and Home Depot have embraced mobile advertising, proving that when it is done right, the channel can produce astounding results.

For 2012 expect to see more integration of social into mobile ads and marketing programs. Also, location will be a key aspect of mobile marketing and advertising strategy. Larger budgets will lead to higher fill rates for publishers.

With that we present the industry with the Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising to help understand the value of mobile and its context in advertising and marketing. This document presents how-to articles, case studies, trend pieces and common misconceptions to industry members with the goal of educating readers on this fast-paced subchannel of mobile.

Thank you to all of the companies that participated in putting this guide together. Their insight and expertise is what made this possible.

These expert bylined articles offer tips on how to run and measure mobile ad campaigns, targeting and location, SMS campaigns and database building, integration with print and stores, HTML5, iPad ads, site design, search engine optimization, paid search, in-application ads, social media, content creation and the effectiveness of mobile coupons.

Also included are analytical pieces as well as thought leadership on the privacy debate and legal boundaries that should not be crossed, buying mobile media, augmented reality, international differences and similarities, display ads and mobile video advertising.

Thank you to staff reporter Rimma Kats for layout and art direction. Also, a big thank-you to editor in chief Mickey Alam Khan for his help and supervision during the production of this guide.

Thank you also to ad sales director Jodie Solomon for convincing others to invest in this guide and others before it.

Feel free to email a link to this large document rather than forwarding the entire file. The passion is obvious in the copy and the subject.

Please click here to download Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising

Giselle Tsirulnik is deputy managing editor on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily. Reach her at giselle@mobilemarketer.com.

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Comments on "Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising"

  1. pure eau says:

    September 17, 2013 at 10:48am

    The article on maximing pay-per-call profits was extremley helpful for us. There were many helpful tips that is helping us reach out customers
  2. Henry Huang says:

    February 16, 2013 at 12:25pm

    Fantastic read! Great insights and helpful tips
  3. M. Kaminsky says:

    June 19, 2012 at 2:50pm

    Downloaded M.M. Guide to advertising. Found some useful hints and tips. I find large companies have fully embraced mobile marketing but some small businesses are still on the fence!
  4. Mobile Marketing says:

    March 28, 2012 at 9:50am

    Nice beginners Guide to Mobile Advertising. The chapter to banner creation could have been a little bit more detailed, but´s thats ok :-)
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