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Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Creative

MM Creative Guide 2012 185

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We have reached the point where all brands and agencies know why they should implement mobile into the multichannel mix. Now it is time to cover the how-to aspect.

Marketers are continuously incorporating mobile into their overall strategies to drive consumer engagement and raise brand awareness.

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However, many companies are still unsure of how to best target consumers - whether it is through a mobile application, SMS, a mobile site or QR codes.

There are many different options out there including SMS, MMS, Web sites, applications, mobile video ads, banner ads, HTML5 and rich media. And the elements of design are as unique to each channel as the goals are to each marketer.

This year, brands such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Target and JCPenney have really ramped up their mobile efforts and took on a multichannel approach to not only drive in-store traffic, but increase sales as well.

Mobile Marketer commissioned how-to articles from some of the smartest brains in mobile advertising and marketing. Their help on this how-to guide is meant to aid marketers in shaping and designing mobile creative that promises a mobile advertising and marketing effective program.

Whether it is SMS, MMS, video or HTML5 you are interested in, expect to learn a lot from the articles within this guide.

Thank-you to all contributors of Mobile Marketer’s second Classic Guide to Mobile Creative. Thank-you to associate editor Rimma Kats for her art and layout direction. Also, thank-you to editor in chief Mickey Alam Khan for thinking of this grand idea.

Please read this guide cover to cover and share it with colleagues and friends. Thank you for your continued support and good luck this year.

Please click here to download Mobile Marketer’s Classic Guide to Mobile Creative

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Comments on "Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Creative"

  1. Henry Huang says:

    March 10, 2013 at 1:01pm

    This is such a great guide to help companies make the transition into mobile. Thanks!
  2. Vivian Friess says:

    August 14, 2012 at 1:06am

    I have been a frequent visitor to MobileMarketer.com and enjoy immensely of the articles, news coverages and particularly the opinion pieces written by seasoned mobile industry professionals. But of all the resources, I found the biannual Classic Guide to Mobile Creative particular useful for digital marketers who want to stay current on the fast changing mobile industry. Take the August issue for instance, it covers a full range of hot topics, from search to video to SMS to app and ads and goes beyond of just how-tos, but in-depth analysis of the current state of play in mobile. I recommend this guide to my fellow marketers. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with MobileMarketer.com or its affiliates. Recommendation of the Classic Guide was made based on my own honest review. Read my full review here http://bit.ly/P9mdqJ
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