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SMS case study - KSTV



Name and city and state of marketer
cnl2's Kentucky Sports Television 
Louisville, Lexington, and Northern, Kentucky and Evansville, IN
Name and city and state of agency or marketing services firm
Ping Mobile, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 
Insight Media, Louisville, KY
Campaign/program name
KSTV- The Ultimate Tailgating Experience
3 weeks
Common short code and keywords used
Keyword KSTV was texted to shortcode 74642
The objective of this campaign was to get a gage of KSTV viewers that would take the time to interact with the show KSTV.
Target audience
cnǀ2 and KSTV viewers and local residents aged 18-45.
The cnǀ2 ran a mobile sweepstakes to gage the number of their viewers who are interested in their sports related show KSTV; consumers were encouraged to text in for a chance to win “The Ultimate Tailgate Experience” which included a $150 Kroger gift card, a case of Rootie’s BBQ sauce, a tent, a grill, and a host of extra sports related extras.  

The package was geared to lure a typical Kentucky sports fan. Those that texted in were then offered an additional ten chances to win should they choose to double opt-in.
Call to action
Consumers were encouraged to text the phrase “KSTV” to 74642 to enter to win the sweepstakes.
The call to action was aired by Insight Media during cross—channel cable advertising spots on shows which reached the target audience. The campaign was monitored closely and the ad placement was constantly optimized so that it would be placed on shows in which it triggered the most consumer responses.
Both the cnǀ2 website and the Kentucky Sports Radio website hosted banners which further advertised the call to action. The sweepstakes was also mentioned on the KSTV weeknight show and in an email sent to the network’s email database. Insight Media also spread the word by passing out flyers at the Kentucky State Fair and making an announcement to encourage attendees to text in.
Thousands of viewers texted in to the campaign in just a few weeks. 

Ping’s platform was able to break down the responses moment by moment to further analyze the reaction to all the different forms of advertising—providing valuable information for campaign optimization. 

Additionally, over 54 percent of the campaign respondents opted in to receive future messages from the channel. 

“We feel the campaign performed very well!” said Mary Cooper , cnǀ2 Coordinator. Above all, the campaign, gave cnǀ2 an idea of how many local residents and channel viewers are interested in sports related programs—providing valuable data for the channel.
What next
This is the second mobile sweepstakes cnǀ2 has run with Ping Mobile and Insight Media, and once again their campaign has achieved incredible success. 

KSTV plans to continue engaging its viewers via mobile to inform them of show times, special series, or any related events. 

The database compiled from this campaign will serve them well since it is comprised almost entirely of sports fans; this enables cnǀ2 to target content they push to subscribers and to ensure that messages reach a receptive audience.
Lessons learned/ Strategy quote from brand executive 
“A call to action is only as powerful as its visibility,” said Shuli Lowy, marketing and client services manager at Ping Mobile. “Instead of just choosing one medium through which to advertise a call to action, marketers should use all mediums available. In this campaign we targeted consumers through many commercial spots, banners on the web, announcements on talk-shows, emails, and through the distribution of flyers. The multiple efforts triggered an outstanding boost in consumer responsiveness.” 

Executive’s name, title and company for response attribution
Shuli Lowy, Marketing and Client Services Manager, Ping Mobile

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