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SMS case study - M&M Products Co.

M&M Products

M&M products

Name and city and state of marketer
M&M Products Co., Atlanta

Name and city and state of agency
Vert, Atlanta

Campaign/program name
Sofn'Free GroHealthy 2010 Sampling Campaign

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The campaign ran for 90 days in the second quarter of 2010

Common short code and keywords used
Consumers were prompted to text the keywords SOFT to short code 59925.

The ultimate objective was to drive trial usage through product sampling to targeted and relevant potential new users and customers.

However, secondary objectives were to:

1) Measure the effectiveness of the print ad
2) Begin building an opt-in list for both mobile and email
3) Garner a deeper new product/brand awareness among the target

Target audience
The target audience was primarily ethnic women ages 25-54.

Vert worked with M&M's marketing team to develop an end-to-end program that prominently placed the free sample offer in a number of highly targeted print buys alongside branding and product information.

Users were prompted to text SOFT to 59925, which then requested their email address and alerted them that they would receive a follow-up from the brand.

To avoid alienating non-smartphone users, the fulfillment portion of the sampling was done via the Web supported by custom emails and landing pages.

Call to action
The call to action was “To get free samples and try the product out first, text SOFT to 59925” and was prominently displayed across a small, hyper-targeted print buy in women's ethnic-style magazines.

By leveraging the broad reach of SMS, combined with a fulfillment program via email and Web, the brand was able to create branded interactions that ultimately grew remarketing lists on both mobile and email, and drove trial usage.

This has helped kickstart sales nationwide and support the product's large distribution footprint with Walmart.

More than 4,400 total messages were received from users during campaign.

There have been 2,056 mobile opt-ins thus far, a 46 percent mobile conversion rate.

Additionally, there were 1,774 valid emails received from SMS user responses and 809 users completed the Web-based fulfillment and opted in to an eCRM program.

What next
The marketer is continuing to explore and leverage SMS calls-to-action across its various brands, primarily in targeted print advertising.

Beyond SMS, it is exploring other opportunities primarily centered around leveraging the mobile Web in 2011 due to the high level of adoption among ethnic populations.

Lessons learned
Placement and prominence is key. The company tested a couple of other executions where the offer and SMS call-to-action were nestled among other copy in the ad to only see abysmal results.

Combining branding and a direct-response call to action needs to be well balanced and focused on the end goal – response and conversion.

Giselle Tsirulnik is deputy managing editor on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily. Reach her at giselle@mobilemarketer.com.

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Comments on "SMS case study - M&M Products Co."

  1. Bryan Jackson says:

    February 5, 2012 at 7:55am

    Do SMS campaigns work? The number from this CS would point to yest. If properly planned and laid out phenomenal numbers can be achieved. A 46% conversion rate is astounding!
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