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SMS case study - Southern Shows


Text-to-win sweepstakes the focus of legal settlement

Name and city and state of marketer 
Southern Shows, Charlotte, NC

Name and city and state of agency or marketing services firm
Ballyhoo Mobile Marketing Inc., Jacksonville, FL

Campaign/program name
SMS Leveraging of Traditional Mediums, an Expo 

Eight weeks

Common short code and keywords used
WOMEN to 72239, SHOP to 72239, SHOW to 72239

The following were the key objectives of the campaign: 

1. Use targeted keywords on multiple traditional advertising mediums to gauge the ROI of those channels

2. Build a mobile database for event reminders

3. Provide a mobile offer to registrants and help drive ticket sales

Target audience 
Women ages 18-40 who like to shop

Use text-to-win opportunities that fit with the show. Each participant was invited to text in to win a $250 shopping spree at the show. Every texter received $2-off admission at the ticket counter. 

Call to action
Text to Win tags were added to current radio spots, print ads and on promotional material. 

Energetic radio commercials were recorded, which listed the keyword and short code.
Each bounceback message thanked them for registering and let them know they would receive a final message before the show.
This push message served to remind everyone about the show - send two days prior to the opening - and to offer then $2-off the regular price of admission ($10). 

Calculating the number of text participants, the coupon redemption rate at the show was 20 percent. This shows again how much higher mobile coupon redemption rates are than traditional coupons. 

What next
The Southern Shows team is analyzing the results from its marketing to calculate the ROI. From there, it will determine the best way to allocate the marketing budget for future shows. 
Lessons learned
The tent cards that are placed at local businesses received the highest return on the text campaign. 

Surprise finding
Typically in the Jacksonville, FL, market, radio serves as the No. 1 catalyst for a mobile call to action.
This time the printed tent cards garnered the highest results, most likely because it was a first-time text campaign for this company, so the written instructions caught more attention. 

Executive’s name, title and company for response attribution 
Jennifer McCoy, chief financial officer of Ballyhoo Mobile Marketing

“The results from this mobile marketing campaign show us that tent cards are much more effective than posters. I had already suspected this was the case, but the mobile marketing campaign confirmed this.
"Since it is much cheaper for my company to print tent cards than posters, we will begin printing more tent cards than posters to save money on printing costs. 
"We’ll also encourage our exhibitors to place these tent cards in their stores, restaurants and offices. since they seem to be more effective forms of advertising.”
– Elisha Jernigan, show manager of the Southern Women’s Show in Jacksonville, FL.

What challenge did mobile address 
“Mobile marketing allowed us to interact with our audience via another outlet.
"We already send emails to potential guests and interact with them through Facebook. Our potential guests receive many emails and Facebook updates every day, so our message may get lost in the shuffle with these forms of communication.
"Since most guests get fewer marketing texts, mobile marketing may have allowed us to stand out from the crowd.”
– Elisha Jernigan, show manager of the Southern Women’s Show in Jacksonville, FL.

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Giselle Tsirulnik is deputy managing editor on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily. Reach her at giselle@mobilemarketer.com.

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