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Announcing the Mobile Marketer Gallery

Kodak outlines mobile strategy

Consumers can use their mobile devices to interact with Kodak's Times Square billboard in New York

Mobile Marketer is proud to announce its Gallery section comprising user-submitted photos of mobile sightings.

How many times have you walked the streets and saw an out of home ad with a mobile call to action? Or, have you recently seen a magazine advertisement with a bar code?

Have you recently walked by a park bench, where all of the four people sitting on it were text messaging?

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Well, the next time you run across something mobile-related in your neighborhood, whip out your phone, take a picture and send it to , with a description and where you saw it.

Send us photos that are indicative of how mobile is part of today's culture. We think it would be a really neat way to showcase the medium's presence in our everyday lives.

Mobile Marketer will feature these items in the Gallery section of the site.

Here is an example. Mobile Marketer’s Giselle Tsirulnik saw the following advertisement in the Bloomingdale’s Nifty Gifty gift guide catalog:

We are really excited to recieve some of your mobile sightings.

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