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Cadreon exec: Finding the right data is key to programmatic mobile, video

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NEW YORK – An executive from digital marketing platform Cadreon North America at the IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace Spotlight: Programmatic conference explained that data is the heart of advertising but not all data is key, making it important to weed out which information is most beneficial to advertisers. 

During “The Rise of Programmatic: Video and Mobile” session the executive explained that with programmatic data, it is imperative to use which information is important to your goal in any medium, including video and mobile. 

"It doesn't matter if you have a lot of volume of data," said Erica Schmidt, senior vice president and managing director at Cadreon North America. "It is about making sure you are pinpointing precisely  which data is going to be meaningful and which data is going to help you generate better results, or enable your partner in the programmatic space to generate the best results on your behalf.

"Anything that we can transact in an automated fashion that is data driven and leveraging the right platforms is absolutely fantastic but only if it is going to drive the right business outcomes," she said. "Otherwise it is only an exercise of utility because if it is just doing an apples to apples comparison to traditional methods and new methods that is not necessarily going to be beneficial to anyone."

The conference was organized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square.

Relevant data research
For Cadreon it is important to focus on CRM data and point of sale data. The agency takes a partnership approach to developing content and highly regards this. 

This is true for mobile as a part of the entire strategy. Mobile is now everywhere making the distinction between mobile and non-mobile almost nonexistent.

"How do we define mobile," Ms. Schmidt said. "How does a millennial define mobile?

"It has been the year of mobile for the past ten years. It has not been taken over the line," she said. "So there is a fundamental problem with defining it. 

"The definition isn't precise." 

This theory is even greater exemplified with the release of the Apple Watch, adding another mobile device for advertisers to access content on. This device is even more intimate than other devices, posing even more confusing to advertisers making data essential to a successful campaign. 

Mobile has been a large focus in advertising content for years but that key break through has yet to happen. 

Measurement and attribution
The executive also stressed the importance of measurement and attribution. Measuring the audience, consumer behavior and content reach is imperative but it also important to put that data to accurate use. 

Advertisers must focus on what works best based off of data but attempting to create a unique and engaging experience for consumers. It is not enough to simply follow the data and create a run of the mill campaign especially in video and mobile video. 

Another highly influential aspect is finding the correct measurement. Measuring the correct data is essential to creating effective advertising content. 

This coincides with the quality not quantity idea, the amount of data is ineffective without measuring the correct data that is necessary for the brand, campaign or demographic. 

"I think measurement and attribution are important for two reasons," Ms. Schmidt said. "The great thing about programmatic and digital in general, for that matter is it is better for the ability to define what kind of outcomes it is driving. 

"But I think we are often challenged with what is measurable and what is the best way to measure it," she said. "Measurement has been far too much based on clicks or eyeballs or any of those things but I think it needs to be much more of what we are doing in terms of sales and direct clients."

"Also, from our perspective we have to attribution right because that is the only way we will be able to get to the right answer. Should it be 100 percent programmatic or should it be 50 percent programmatic and 50 percent premium, which can still deliver that but I think there is still a lot of work to be done"

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

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Brielle Jaekel is staff writer on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York. Reach her at brielle@mobilemarketer.com.

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