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Mobclix partners with Advertising.com, Traffic Marketplace for consolidated buys


The ad exchange

Ad networks Advertising.com and Traffic Marketplace are partnering with Mobclix to give their clients direct access to mobile audiences.

Mobclix said that this move will help break new ground by creating more competition in the marketplace. The ad exchange network said that opening up the Mobclix marketplace to online ad networks is designed to help developers earn major ad dollars for their applications.

“The idea is to try and help,” said Krishna Subramanian, cofounder of Mobclix, Palo Alto, CA. “Basically we want to bring more advertisers to the table.

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“Some mobile advertisers don’t allocate much budget to mobile, they stick with what was used to cover pre-iPhone mobile inventory, but now we’re starting to see millions of hits per app per day,” he said.

Mobclix is a mobile ad exchange, a marketplace for mobile developers, advertisers, ad networks and agencies that helps developers manage their ad inventory and maximize revenue and for advertisers to increase campaign performance.

With this new partnership, Mobclix said that developers can expect higher eCPMs. As more advertisers will be introduced to the marketplace, Mobclix said that bidding prices for mobile inventory will increase, letting developers maximize revenues.

Mobclix said that it will also be able to leverage the online and mobile platforms to deliver more premium ad campaigns from more brands.

This partnership also means a seamless buying process, according to Mobclix, because mobile and online ad inventory can be bought from a single vendor.

With mobile and online advertising combined in this partnership, advertisers will have their return metrics consolidated from multiple campaigns to a single report. Now, advertisers can get the full report on what their audience reach is and what the conversion rates are.

Mr. Subramanian said that this partnership will help break through the communication gap between various media planners at big brands.

“Let’s say a brand such as Toyota goes to an ad network and says ‘I want to reach mobile,” Mr. Subramanian said. “Originally if it were Advertising.com they would say they didn’t have the reach and by the time they got into mobile Toyota could have lost the budget.”

As more applications start to fill the marketplace – 90 percent of Mobclix’s impressions come from iPhones, the other 10 percent from other smartphones – more advertising opportunities arise.

Mr. Subramanian said that mobile ad networks cannot fill the entire ad inventory and that by allowing PC ad networks to extend online media, to mobile it presents a challenge.

Mobclix said that it hopes the partnership cuts down the different barriers for traditional advertisers to get onto the mobile device.

“With this partnership, consumers now get these Web advertisers that have bigger brands and they start to want to do things like more interactive ads on iPhone,” Mr. Subramanian said. “Advertisers will start to deliver a lot more highly engaging ads, ads that are more impactful, the type of ads that are like mini-apps themselves,” he said.

“Being able to reach consumers on the go is something really valuable because everybody’s got a mobile phone these days and being able to reach them at specific times and specific places, these big online advertisers will start to see the value of engagement on mobile devices.”

Editorial Assistant Chris Harnick covers content, gaming, media, television, music and social networks. Reach him at chris@mobilemarketer.com.

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