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Amobee Media Systems acquires RingRing Media

Amobee Media Systems acquires RingRing Media

Mobile match

Amobee Media Systems, a specialist in mobile advertising services for carriers, has acquired mobile advertising agency RingRing Media to connect the supply side with the demand side.

The acquisition brings Amobee one step closer to fulfilling its long-term vision of creating the industry’s largest mobile advertising exchange connecting publishers, advertising agencies and brands to premium inventory in real-time, on a global scale. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We can see the market on the supply side and the demand side—on the supply we have connections to big publishers and carriers, including Vodafone and Telefónica,” said Zohar Levkovitz, cofounder/CEO of Amobee, Redwood City, CA. “RingRing is on the demand side—they are connected to most of the big advertisers.

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“Before this acquisition, Amobee was mainly on the supply side, but now we are the only one that connects the supply side with the demand side,” he said. “We are launching a worldwide marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell mobile ad inventory in one place.

“We’re connecting the supply of mobile inventory from carriers and publishers to the huge demand from brand advertisers.”

Amobee Media Systems acquires RingRing Media

Ben Tatton-Brown is cofounder of RingRing Media

Amobee allows carriers to dynamically insert advertising impressions in all forms of mobile communication and content, including WAP sites, video and music, SMS, MMS, applications and games.

With this ring ...
Amobee’s ad serving platform is designed to facilitate the launch of advertising campaigns for brand-building, direct response and lead generation.

The company has financial backing from Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital and Globespan, as well as strategic investments from Motorola, Cisco, Vodafone and Telefónica.

RingRing Media represents some of the largest brands in the world, exchanging more than 4 billion mobile advertising impressions per month. It claims revenues of more than $2 million each month.

The agency buys search and display inventory, both on- and off-deck, on behalf of brand clients from mobile ad networks such as AdMob, Quattro Wireless, Millennial Media, Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN.

RingRing ca-ching
With this strategic move, Amobee is complementing its carrier-centric inventory and portfolio of services and technology with RingRing Media’s mobile advertising exchange.

The goal is to maximize yield for sellers and improve campaign performance and ROI.

As a result of the acquisition, Amobee will aim to make it easier for mobile advertisers and mobile publishers to co-exist.

Amobee claims the platform will help sellers monetize mobile display inventory and give buyers targeting tools to access to the broadest possible reach at the best possible price through a single buy.

Furthermore, Amobee’s acquisition of RingRing Media also expands its global presence by establishing a London hub that provides a direct foothold in multiple regions, strengthening Amobee’s position in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

As a result, Amobee and RingRing Media customers will now have access to the RingRing Exchange to facilitate mobile advertising.

“RingRing launched the first mobile ad exchange connecting publishers and mobile apps to advertisers and agencies via one dynamic platform,” said Ben Tatton-Brown, cofounder of RingRing Media, London. “This is where the synergy with Amobee is so fantastic.

“It feels like the pieces of a jigsaw coming together, because the two services complement each other so well,” he said. “Together as a new company, we want to build the largest mobile ad exchange in the world.”

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