Google encourages voting with new election mobile site

Nexus One Election Site

Who will win the elections?

A new Google-run mobile Web site encourages people to not only vote, but keep in-the-know regarding election news.

The site asks consumers to provide their address information to find places to vote nearest to them. The site then maps the location and provides consumers with directions on how to get there.

“The United States midterm election is on Tuesday, Nov. 2, and we encourage all eligible U.S. citizens to get out and vote,” said Ryan Pollock, product marketing manager at Google, Mountain View, CA.

“We’ve made it easy to find your polling place and follow election news by visiting our Election Center mobile site at on your Android-powered phone or iPhone,” he said.

Voters are going to the polls to decide the fate of the House of Representatives and the Senate for the next two years. 

President Barack Obama plans to hold a news conference on Wednesday, the day after the congressional elections, to let Americans know who they have picked.

The new Google election site will bring users to an aggregated view of all the news having to do with the election right on their mobile devices.

Here is the aggregated view of Google election news

Americans can use the Google Election Center mobile site to find the polling places closest to them.

By entering their location, users are automatically given directions to the polling place closest to them.

Here is a screen grab

“Enter the address where you’re registered to vote, and we’ll show you a Google Map of your polling place,” Mr. Pollack said. “The Election Center site also has information about candidates running for office in your area.

“Let your mobile phone guide you to your polling place, and let sanity guide your vote,” he said.

Here is a screen grab of the search for polling places near you

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