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Mojiva addresses tablet growth with dedicated ad network

Independent mobile ad network Mojiva wants to capitalize on the quick growth in tablets with the introduction of a new ad network dedicated exclusively to tablet audiences.

Mojiva Tab is a tablet-only ad network that will enable advertisers and agencies to reach the typically well-heeled tablet user. The network is meant to help advertisers more efficiently address the growth of in tablet sales as well as in the content and apps specific to these devices.

?It makes sense for Mojiva to launch a tablet-only ad network based on the increasing demand among marketers to reach tablet users,? said Dave Gwozdz, CEO of Mojiva, NY. ?A tablet-only network allows advertisers to develop compelling ad campaigns in premium content at scale using Mojiva's dedicated resources and deep rich media technical integrations.

"In one place, marketers can reach and influence a huge audience of users across multiple tablet devices and execute the most advanced type of ad creative utilizing the unique characteristics of these devices such as swipe functionality, camera, video and lat long and have one place to measure results,? he said.

Ad requests multiply
The news comes as not only tablet adoption grows but also the number of tablet devices available also grows.

Yesterday, the Surface tablet from Microsoft became available for pre-order. It is just one of a growing number of tablet options including the Galaxy Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

As it becomes clear that tablet users are highly engaged when it comes to shopping and consuming content, demand for tablet ad inventory is growing.

In some cases, tablet ads are proving to be more effective than mobile ads, per Mojiva. Video ads, in particular, are well-suited to the larger tablet screen.

Mojiva reports that the number of tablet ad requests per month on its ad network totaled 2.13 billion per month as of August 2012, up from 119 million in January 2011 and 655 million as of January 2012. That is a nearly 20-fold increase in 20 months.

The reachable audience is growing as well. The Mojiva ad network reached 40 million tablet devices as of June 2012, up from three million tablet devices in January 2011 and 25 million by January 2012.

Tablet audiences
Advertisers and agencies on the Mojiva Tab ad network will be able to purchase prime inventory and display rich media ad units across a variety of audience groups, including luxury goods, entertainment, news, parenting, tech enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts.

Celtra, which provides rich media mobile advertising and analytics across mobile devices, will be providing an expandable banner execution for Mojiva Tab.

A tablet-only ad network can help marketers address the growing fragmentation in the tablet space as more manufacturers come out with devices and newer models are introduced.

?There are multiple tablet styles and sizes, and content publishers have a variety of app builds mobile and digital versions, and each may or may not be ad ready when it comes to delivering the latest, most compelling ad formats,? Mr. Gwozdz said.

?By offering marketers a choice to deliver campaigns across many premium apps and sites and dedicating resources against this, we are taking a very cumbersome process and making it simple and scalable,? he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York