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Klondike multi-screen effort taps mobile to engage consumers

Klondike is using mobile as part of its multi-screen campaign that celebrates ?average men? across America.

The Klondike Unfoiled application challenges users to unwrap a digital Klondike bar as quickly as possible. The application is available for iPhone and Android users.

?Klondike Unfoiled reintroduces users to the nine Klondike bar varieties in an engaging way,? Rachel Hudesman, associate brand manager at Novelties Unilever Ice Cream, New York.

?Klondike Unfoiled also serves as an extension of the Everyman Challenges video contest,? she said. ?The app, like the campaign itself, celebrates how well an average guy can do life?s ordinary tasks in an above average way ? like rapidly unwrapping a Klondike bar.?

Ice cream for mobile
Users can play the game choosing a flavor such as the Original, Caramel Pretzel, Heath, Krunch, Reese's, Double Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Oreo, Neapolitan and Whitehouse Cherry.

Here is a screen grab of the game:

After users play the game by unwrapping the bar, they have the option of saving the game, as well as playing again.

Users can view their scores, as well as global scores and post them to their Facebook wall.

Here is a screen grab of the scores page:

In addition, users can share the application via their Facebook page.

Here is a screen grab of the page:

?We incorporated mobile technology into the campaign because it?s a natural extension from the viral video contest and online games we?ve created as part of the Everyman Challenges,? Ms. Hudesman said.

?After submitting a video to the ?Pack the Car,? ?Grab the Remote,? or ?Ball Toss? challenges, ice cream fans can continue to challenge themselves with a fun and interactive application, or online games,? she said.

Users can see a step-by-step demonstration on how to play the game.

Here is a screen grab of the demonstration:

Additionally, users can play the Klondike jingle within the application.

As part of the campaign, contestants can submit their video interpretations of the three predetermined Everyman Challenges online.

Users participating in The Pack the Car challenge are asked to stuff their cars with as many items as possible for a chance to win a brand-new SUV.

The Grab the Remote challenge lets fans showcase a creative way ? with household items ? to grab the remote without ever leaving the comfort of their couches.

Users who enter the Ball Toss challenge must create obstacles for themselves and toss a tiny ball into a liquid-stabilized cup for a chance to win a new game room.

After entering in the challenges, user are encourage to play the company?s online games including Pack Master, Sling Shot Challenge and Concession Stand Hero.

?The Klondike Unfoiled application is being showcased on, the online hub for the contest and games and included in our ongoing outreach about the campaign,? Ms. Hudesman said.