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VanDerWaals merges fashion and technology with connected bag

VanDerWaals is modernizing the phrase "customizable fashion" with a series of connected handbags enabling users to easily switch up the color for on-the-go accessorizing. 

The new take on wearable technology is aiming to be on the holiday wish list of women who are interested in fashion and technology, whose moods change as often as their outfits. The bags allow users more freedom with their style choices, while also fitting a need mobile phone owners are looking for with its charging ability. 

"The VanDerWaals app is crucial," said Samantha Wenig of London Misher Public Relations, on behalf of VanDerWaals Handbags. "This controls the color changing elements of their entire collection.  

"Users can change the color of the bag to brighten up any holiday look by matching their outfit, mood or environment," she said.

Connected fashion
A variety of styles and patterns are available for the VanDerWaals bags. Shoppers can choose from leopard or crocodile print for a shoulder bag, satchel or tote. 

The app provides a variety of colors for users to choose from as well as a color targeting option, which taps into the mobile device?s camera to get a particular shade matched with a real life object. Users can also custom set the lighting of their bag to coincide with a particular playlist or music through mobile devices. 

To change the colors of their bags, users access the app and choose which color they would like on the homepage or click the camera icon to match with a color from their surroundings. 

Wearables moving forward
Digital agency executives at the Mobile Marketing Summit: Wearables and Holiday Focus 2015 debated the likelihood of higher adoption rates for wearables during the upcoming holiday season, when prices will begin dropping and consumers will be searching for ways to complement their omnipresent smartphones (see more). 

Thermos also created a unqiue connected wearable devices in a partnership with Fitbit for fitness and health-related content, with its tech water bottle including a smart lid that tracks users' water intake (see more). 

As connected wearables continue to appear on the retail scene, they are becoming more diverse. The handbags showcase the evolution of retail and product design. 

"VanDerWaals Handbags were inspired by the innate human desire for self-expression,? Ms. said. ?Using patented technologies, the minds behind VanDerWaals created a handbag that allows users to adapt their look with their ever-changing environment.  

?The result and the ultimate goal is a unique accessory with capabilities never before seen in a handbag,? she said. ?Think, The Magic Mirror in Snow White.

?In addition to the changing color feature through a free iOS and Android app, VanDerWaals handbags are also able to charge a smart phone, tablet or other portable device,? she said. 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer