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Pandora revamps in hopes to gain traction on Spotify, Apple Music

Mobile Pandora users are getting the first look at its brand redesign to help modernize its image, supported by a highly targeted digital campaign following its new features rollout. 

Ad-supported users were treated to a series of new capabilities on the music streaming application that benefited advertisers as well as consumers by having them opt-in for greater control over their music. Pandora?s new logo features its iconic letter P with a more contemporary style, debuting exclusively on mobile along with a digital campaign that will be relying on individual targeting and call-to-action content. 

?Starting October 17th, we will run an ultra-targeted, sequenced marketing campaign in support of Pandora?s new look and product features to maximize both ad-supported audience and subscription growth,? said Lisa-Sullivan Cross, vice president of Growth Marketing at Pandora. ?The program relies on data-driven targeting to drive the most qualified users to Pandora.

?85 percent of our listening takes place on mobile so, rolling out today, you?ll begin to see the new app icon on your mobile device,? she said. ?Our new look and feel will launch on web and other devices over the year.?

The new logo marks the first time in 11 years that Pandora has debuted new branding. 

Starting anew 
Pandora is rolling out its new branding on mobile, which is a new colored-in version of its letter P, featuring a bold blue color scheme in the middle of solid white square. The new logo and its new features are being commemorated with a new campaign from the music streaming service in which it will attempt to on board new users. 

The campaign will rely on data targeting, which will build up its advertising for specific users depending on how they respond to original assets and their user behavior. Pandora will be putting more effort into users that are more likely to sign up. 

Users are able to skip more songs and tailor the advertising experience so that each ad is relevant to them. When an ad comes up that is completely irrelevant to a consumer, such as a baby product for someone that does not have children, he or she can inform Pandora that the content is not pertinent. 

The music streaming platform?s premium ad-free subscription service is also getting a makeover, changing from Pandora One to Pandora Plus and now includes an offline version. Pandora is hoping to compete with its younger adversary Spotify, whose subscription is more expensive at $10 a month but allows users to access their music offline.

Pandora's video that shows off its new branding

While Spotify offers music streaming in which users can select whatever song they want, Pandora?s subscription service only offers ad-free playlist streaming, and now offline streaming. But soon, the streaming service is looking to rollout a platform in which users can browse and play its database of songs. 

Pandora?s ad capabilities 
The latest offerings have been a part of Pandora?s push to greater modernize to help advertisers and also compete with its contemporaries. 

This summer, Express and Lexus Dealer Association are beta tested muted mobile video ads and a new native mobile display canvas on Pandora, which wanted to deliver more compelling ad experiences for listeners while helping brands look beyond impressions (see more). 

Also, earlier in the year Taco Bell experienced a 26 percent lift in product awareness during a recent mobile marketing campaign on Pandora that saw listeners become 15 percent more likely to visit a Taco Bell restaurant (see more). 

?With the new ad-supported version of Pandora which is now available to all mobile users, listeners have more control over their advertising and listening experience with the ability to skip more songs and replay songs simply by opting into a video ad,? Ms. Cross said. ?Advertisers in turn benefit from a more engaged and attentive audience.?