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CBS All Access subscriptions boosted by live streaming The Grammys

NEW YORK - A CBS Interactive executive explained at Mobile Marketing Day 2015 that its CBS All Access on-demand service had one of its most profitable days due to live streaming this year's Grammy Awards.

Research has shown that live television is still the most popular form of video viewing, whether or not it is viewed on an actual television. CBS All Access is using this to its advantage by offering live streaming of events, as well as news and sports.

?Live is still the dominant force in terms of viewing among all age groups,? said Domenico DiMeglio, vice president of distribution and operations at CBS Interactive, New York. ?Still 60 to 70 percent of time watching TV is live, with DVR next at 30 to 35 depending on your age bracket.

?That's something we feel that is important to continue to pay attention to,? he said. 

CBS Interactive is the digital content division of CBS and CBS All Access is its on-demand subscription streaming service. Users have access to classic and current programming and live events, all available for streaming on all devices.

Mobile Marketing Day is a Mobile Marketer event jointly hosted with the Direct Marketing Association.

TV Everywhere? 
As the mobile world becomes more involved, the conversation of TV everywhere is becoming more sought-after in entertainment companies.

However, it is the actual numbers of consumers using TV everywhere apps and services that is slowing. CBS research explains that this is due to difficulties of logging to these services. 

Users are forced to remember their passwords for subscription accounts, pick their service provider and account information. This is difficult to do on-the-go. 

In a mobile-driven domain, that poses a problem. This is something CBS Interactive will be looking into in the future.

Consumers are seeking out ways to stream video and TV without being tethered to a cable provider. This is where streaming on-demand services such as CBS All Access can step in.

CBS has also discovered that news is becoming popular again. With publications such as Vice and Huffington Post getting more attention, consumers are becoming interested in news again. 

Extra content
To meet this demand CBS introduced CBSN, a news streaming service giving consumers access to news stories at all times on any device.

"We found a great group of anchors to feed that coverage," Mr. Dimeglio said. "In particular, Vladimir Duthiers has really resonated with the audience and is really speaking to the younger demographic that we're not typically used to seeing with CBS on-air. 

"But at the same time, we're not shunning that brand," he said. "A lot of that content on CBSN is leveraging that great content seen on the CBS News programs."

The digital video provider has also developed a March Madness bracket app and a Fantasy Football app. With these apps users have access to all information, and they can create their picks or bracket and do everything they need to do. 

Moreover, with all of these services available on desktop as well as mobile, CBS Interactive has to stay aware of user needs. It is focused a developing a personal cross-platform offering personal experience so that consumers can get the most out of CBS.

"One of the things to think about with mobile and mobile marketing is making sure that the experience that you're driving to is optimized and so we're starting to think of mobile as the first grade, especially when it comes to the product,? Mr. Dimeglio said. "This is something that is not new for us. 

?It's been a long endeavor over the years to make sure the experience is optimized,? he said. ?We want to make sure that our marketing efforts are not wasted by people getting frustrated with broken links and videos that don't play, et cetera.?

Final Take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York