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Cutie's taps into Snapchat for millennial-targeted ad campaign

Cuties made its first foray into Snapchat marketing recently with a successful Snapchat filter that drew in nearly 70 million exposures.

The citrus brand made use of a classic Snapchat marketing technique ? the filter. Using this social marketing tool, Cuties was able to draw in a large number of users and expose their message to a younger generation that may not be as familiar with the brand.

?The Cuties Snapchat lens was a way for us to remind shoppers that Cuties are back in season and back in stores,? said Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, vice president of marketing for Sun Pacific. ?Snapchat is unique in that it allows us to reach a large audience ? with more than 150 million daily users ? but in a way that encourages them to spend time interacting with Cuties in a fun and memorable way.?

Snapchat filters
Snapchat has long been the apple of many a mobile marketer?s eye, given the immense audience the social platform has garnered since its debut a few years ago.

What?s even more enticing is that much of Snapchat?s user base is made up of the extremely valuable younger generation of consumers. The problem that has been flummoxing marketers though is how to get to them.

Many brands have tried to market with Snapchat, and the consensus is that it is still a bit of a mystery.

One way that many brands have had success with Snapchat marketing however has been through the use of Snapchat?s built-in filters.

Snapchat has a rotating roster of sponsored filters, many of which are interactive, that give brands a fun and unique way to expose their message to consumers in a way that does not feel forced or artificial.

Cutie?s is one such brand that has made use of Snapchat?s filter feature with a sponsored filter that ran on the app last week. 

The filter overlaid Cutie?s branded imagery over users? photos and encouraged them to snap and share the branded message with friends.

Cutie?s reported a rousing success for the campaign, reaching nearly 70 million consumers over its run.

Cutie?s also advertised the campaign heavily, leading to cross-promotional effect that gave even more of a boost to viewership of the filter.

Cracking the code
For marketers who are able to crack it, Snapchat is an incredibly valuable source for tapping into its massive wealth of young audiences.

Some brands have already begun to do so by partnering with well-known Snapchat influencers such as DJ Khaled. Khaled?s stories are widely shared and loved, so Palmer?s Cocoa Butter partnered with him for a Snapchat-inspired promotion including a filter (see story). 

The brand saw significant success from this partnership.

Now Cutie?s is aiming for something similar and is hoping that the filter along with related promotional content that drives user attention towards that filter will help them gain a stronger foothold among younger generations.

?To have so many consumers engage with our brand reinforces how much people love Cuties. Cuties is the preferred mandarin brand of millennials, and Snapchat is so popular with that generation, so it?s a perfect way continue to grow our preference with even more consumers in this demographic that is so important to retailers,? said Nuevo-Celeste.