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LG kickstarts fitness enthusiasts' interest with mobile video tips

LG Electronics is blending celebrity endorsements, fitness content and YouTube tutorials to show off its new upgraded washer in a four-part video series that demonstrates how consumers can use the product to quickly clean their active wear.

The washer manufacturer is releasing a new add-on product for its front load machines, in which owners can save energy and water for small laundry loads, and is leveraging video to show off how consumers can take advantage of it. LG is appealing to fitness fans by showing how customers do not have to wait for a full load of laundry to wash their athletic wear. 

"The use of an influencer or brand ambassador like Malin Akerman is an effective way to build an audience and credibility that resonates," said Carrie McIlveen, US director of marketing at Metia. "In her video she brings the product to life in an engaging and captivating way. 

"She draws the audience in and quickly demonstrates the benefits and features of the upgrade to the Pedestal Washer," she said. 

Enticing fitness fans
Actress Malin Akerman is the face of the latest LG campaign airing on YouTube and being shared on social media for consumers to get a look at its new SideKick pedestal washer. The new product can be installed underneath LG front-load washer and allows consumers to wash smaller loads of laundry such as stained items and often used clothing. 

The video series appeals to fitness fans who often reuse staple pieces in their athletic wardrobe, making it a burden to have to wait for a full load to wash or wasting energy and water by completing a small load. Ms. Akerman discusses how fashion is incorporated into her fitness routine and how the LG SideKick helps with that. 

Four videos are available on YouTube that focus on topics such as Maximizing Workout Wear with the LG SideKick, Beating the Post Holiday Slump, Maximizing Your Look and Active Wear That Keeps You Cool. 
LG is also starting a new retail promotion in which existing LG front-load washer owners will be able to have a SideKick installed for free. 

Mobile video importance
Organic packaged food brand Annie?s similarly supported its growth surge with a video campaign on Facebook that leverages a cuteness-factor, hoping to grab users' attention with animals while scrolling through their news feeds (see more). 

Men?s grooming brand Baxter of California also appealed to young consumers with an educational social video series that taps satire and famous comedians to answer men?s questions on grooming with an accompanying informational digital hub (see more). 

"Having a brand ambassador can help reach both awareness and revenue goals," Ms. McIlveen said. "Brands should not choose a celebrity for a digital campaign arbitrarily. 

"They need to ensure they appeal to their audience, are inspiring, and can communicate the story best," she said. "They should be authentic and a trusted representative ? and definitely should not feel like a sales pitch.  

"They also want to consider quality and frequency of social engagement as well as the social platforms they communicate through."