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Coldwell Banker lists fictional $75M X-Men mansion in cinematic campaign

Coldwell Banker Real Estate is showcasing a superhero property in preparation for the upcoming ?X-Men: Apocalypse? release.

Ahead of the film?s May 27 premiere, the official real estate partner is launching an integrated marketing campaign that includes a video tour and content surrounding Professor Xavier?s School for Gifted Youngsters, the grand estate that serves as the home of the X-Men. While this property may not be real, this film-themed effort will enable Coldwell Banker to discuss lifestyle aspects of real estate and make an emotional connection with consumers.

Coming home
Coldwell Banker is highlighting the X-Mansion listing on its homepage. From here, consumers can click to get a tour of the property that is supposedly located 40 miles outside of New York.

A landing page appears the same as other listings, laying out the features including the gourmet kitchen, more than 24 bedrooms and its private Breakstone Lake.

The estate also got the Home of the Week treatment, with a video tour that intersperses film footage with that of a host narrating the aspects of the home that make it the ?pinnacle of luxury and innovation.? Throughout the tour, features such as an underground jet hangar and a subterranean R&D lab are discussed as basic luxury selling points.

This campaign uses Coldwell Banker?s ?Seller Story? feature, which allows the seller to have a voice in the listing process by sharing their personal tales of a property. For this feature, one of the film?s screenwriters has composed a history and memories of the 300-year-old house, giving input from some of the movie?s characters.

?The X-Mansion is an iconic landmark in comic and film history,? said Zachary Eller, senior vice president, marketing partnerships, 20th Century Fox. ?Professor Xavier?s School for Gifted Youngsters has always represented a home filled with excitement and learning for the X-Men. We?re thrilled to work with Coldwell Banker to have some fun with the X-Mansion and give fans a never before seen sneak peek inside the mansion.?

From this page, consumers can navigate to ?find [their] own X-Mansion,? which sends them to a home search of properties ranked in price from highest to lowest.

Two video ad spots are also created for the campaign, which pair scenes from the movie with text talking about panhuman experiences of coming home. Other content will be created that deals with the concept of home as it pertains to both humans and mutants.

Behind-the-scenes content captured on set will explore how the mansion is created on-screen, with interviews with film stars and the director Bryan Singer. The campaign can be viewed here.

?Over the last several years, one of our core marketing strategies has been to develop meaningful relationships with new audiences that allow us to showcase the emotional and lifestyle benefits of home and extend our reach beyond traditional real estate advertising,? said Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, in a brand statement. ?Through this exciting partnership, we are able to tell another awesome story about the meaning of home and transform the way real estate brands are reaching consumers today.?

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