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Are the days of cheap mobile search over?
Published: May 27, 2016
While Google’s recent AdWords update is receiving a warm welcome thanks to larger ad formats, fewer top paid placements means marketers will have to pay more to get noticed on mobile.
4 reasons why your AdWords campaigns are not working
Published: June 13, 2015
By Chris Lucas

If your Google AdWords campaign is not working, do not throw in the towel. Instead, find the source of the problem.

Platform Pulse: Mobile news that matters from Snapchat, Google, Facebook
Published: May 11, 2015
In the most significant platform news for mobile marketers from the past week, Snapchat is making it easier for users to share Discover content amid reports that the media channel is struggling, but it is Google’s mobile-driven AdWords refresh that requires immediate action.
One in four app users discovers an app through search: Google
Published: May 8, 2015
A Google study has found that mobile search is a growing method for app discovery, suggesting app downloads will increase as mobile search surges.
Google lumping together desktop and mobile ads: Good or bad?
Published: March 19, 2013
By Ori Carmel

Google’s recent announcement that it is making significant changes to AdWords shook up the online marketing industry.

Will Google’s new AdWords strategy do more harm than good on mobile?
Published: February 8, 2013
Google’s most sweeping overhaul to AdWords in several years is geared toward driving more revenue from mobile, which it could accomplish in the short term. However, these changes could also make it more difficult to optimize for the medium, something that could hurt mobile advertising more broadly.

Google addresses burgeoning apps marketplace with new ad units
Published: May 2, 2012
With the mobile application market continuing to grow, Google has introduced new and enhanced ad units to help marketers promote, track and monetize their apps.
Esurance reduces CPA via Google mobile click-to-call ads
Published: July 30, 2010
Auto insurer Esurance claims it was able to reduce its cost per acquisition 30 percent compared to other channels using Google mobile ads with click-to-call functionality.
Google adds iPhone, Android, Palm Pre access to AdWords
Published: April 1, 2010
Google has revamped AdWords to support iPhone, Android and Palm Pre smartphone users.
Google optimizes AdSense for high-end smartphones
Published: October 6, 2009
Google has added a new feature that lets AdSense publishers serve text and image ads on their mobile sites when viewed on Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android-powered devices or the Palm Pre.
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