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Are chatbots the next big step forward for mobile marketing?
Published: March 29, 2016
Microsoft’s recent chatbot disaster notwithstanding, an explosion of relatively easy-to-develop messaging interfaces is expected this year as marketers look to capitalize on the time spent in Facebook Messenger, Kik and other similar apps.
Mobile Minutes: Facebook pulls BlackBerry support; Twitter at 10; E! on Facebook Live; DraftKings, FanDuel in NY
Published: March 22, 2016
Today in mobile marketing – Facebook wants to be everywhere, except BlackBerry; Twitter turns 10: What’s next?; E! launches live talk show on Facebook (exclusive); DraftKings, FanDuel will stop in NY, but appeal, legislation pending.
Ortega pairs location-based targeting with native social experiences
Published: March 21, 2016
B&G Foods' Ortega taco shell brand is targeting local Kroger and Walmart shoppers, while valuing social media cross-promotion, in a new campaign exclusive to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that pairs recipes with video and GIFs.
Mobile Minutes: Facebook, Twitter race to TV; Spotify’s rights agreement; Convenience costs; Twitter’s character limit
Published: March 21, 2016
Today in mobile marketing – Facebook and Twitter in race to acquire rights to stream live TV; Spotify and musicians are playing a new tune; The hidden cost of convenience with food delivery app DoorDash; Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey nixes idea of expanding 140-character limit.
How to allocate social media budgets as options grow
Published: March 15, 2016
Social media advertising is expected to grow 30 percent or more this year as measurability improves and as the number of important platforms and types of units widens, challenging marketers when it comes to deciding where to allocate spend.
How to effectively take advantage of carousel advertising
Published: March 11, 2016
Instagram and Facebook are leading a mobile advertising revolution with their carousel advertising platforms, but marketers must entice users by weaving a story that makes consumers want to continue scrolling.
Mobile Minutes: Facebook buys Masquerade; TV’s radical future; Banks embrace instant payments; Amazon’s delivery network
Published: March 10, 2016
Today in mobile marketing – Facebook buys Masquerade to challenge Snapchat's rainbow vomit; The NFL on Facebook is a glimpse at the radical future of TV; Big US banks to take on tech rivals with instant payments; Amazon to lease 20 Boeing 767s to build its own delivery network.
Kraft amplifies disclosure of ingredient switch with giveaways on social media
Published: March 9, 2016
Kraft Heinz is leveraging social media to amplify the revelation of a secret ingredient switch with surprise giveaways on Facebook and Twitter to support messaging around how the new healthier recipe retains the classic taste.
Mobile Minutes: Hound takes on Siri; Facebook’s 3M advertisers; Blippar raises funds; Ad blockers make money
Published: March 3, 2016
Today in mobile marketing – Hound is the hot new personal assistant, here's how it compares to Siri and Google Now; Facebook now has 3M advertisers; App that recognizes objects with AI raises $54M; Ad blockers are making money off ads (and tracking, too).
Will Snapchat's high engagement rates pull ad spend away from Facebook?
Published: March 2, 2016
With Snapchat revealing this week that it has 100 million daily users and 8 billion video views per day, the platform's potential to pull advertisers away from Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms is being realized.
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