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Mobile sports video consumption growth bolsters case for personalization
Published: February 9, 2015
Surging consumption of mobile sports video by fans in all major age groups last year shows why marketers need to crank up their efforts to make campaigns more personal, suggests Nielsenís look at the just-completed year in sports media.
Nickelodeon underscores importance of kindergarten prep via texting program
Published: February 9, 2015
Nickelodeon is helping parents get their preschoolers ready for kindergarten by way of a text program that offers weekly educational activities and tips to challenge children, proving that SMS is still a viable option for reaching older demographics.
Play-calling questioned well beyond Super Bowl field
Published: February 3, 2015
By Jeff Hasen

Brands spent $4.5 million per 30-second commercial and presented spots as if it was 1977, showing us puppies and Snickers transformations while ignoring the fact that more than 100 million had a mobile phone in their hand.

NatGeo Wild drives viewer engagement on social with programming vote
Published: January 29, 2015
NatGeo Wild is driving up viewer engagement by letting its audience vote on social media to determine the cable channelís prime-time lineup each Wednesday in February.
Mobile FirstLook was refreshingly not Mobile Same Look
Published: January 16, 2015
By Jeff Hasen

The best part of Mobile Marketerís Mobile FirstLook conference is that it gives us an early indication of whether the new year is destined to become ďmobile same look.Ē

Integrated mobile messaging makes gains, but is it enough?
Published: January 6, 2015
While mobile messaging often presents challenges for marketers interested in developing integrated experiences, this could be changing in 2015 as new options begin to emerge.
46pc of those on govít assistance prefer mobile: survey
Published: January 2, 2015
Nearly half the recipients of assistance from United States human services agencies would likely download and use a mobile application for obtaining services, reflecting mobileís perceived edge in convenience over traditional human services mechanisms, according to an Accenture survey.
Dr Pepper, Walmart engage mobile shoppers ahead of historic college football playoffs
Published: December 29, 2014
Dr Pepper is teaming up with Walmart to enhance the mobile shopping experience for hosts of parties that will watch the first-ever United States college football playoffs.
Coca-Cola tugs heartstrings with Hispanics, promoting kindness
Published: December 3, 2014
Coca-Cola is reaching out to mobile-savvy Hispanics with a campaign that leverages classic heartwarming holiday sentiments to promote emotional acts of kindness.
Projected tablet sales plunge challenges marketers' investments in market
Published: November 27, 2014
A projected plunge in tablet sales this year raises the question of whether mobile payments will move more slowly into this market while challenging the investment of marketers who were betting on growing adoption.
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