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Snapchat Discovery poses challenges as mobile ad platform
Published: August 21, 2014
A report this week that mobile photo-sharing application Snapchat has been in talks to begin serving ads to users has some mobile marketing experts scratching their heads.
Industry divided on significance of location technology, data
Published: March 17, 2014
NEW YORK - A panel at the fifth annual Mobile Marketing Day conference clearly displayed a divide in the industry when it comes to how important a role leveraging location information and data should play for marketers.
Days numbered for mobile banners as brands embrace native advertising
Published: March 10, 2014
Hefty investments from Mondelēz and Omnicom last week suggest that marketers may finally be ready to kill off the mobile banner in favor of social media-driven, native ad placements.
Automakers jump ahead in mobile advertising as innovator, enabler
Published: January 10, 2014
While various industries are trying to crack the nut on mobile advertising, automakers are taking the goal more seriously than some by not only innovating how they engage with their own customers, but also by enabling creative outreach for other marketers interested in targeting car owners.
Which mobile tactic will make the biggest splash in 2014?
Published: December 6, 2013
With mobile playing a bigger role in the overall media mix, both in-store experiences and more data-driven types of advertising will propel the next phase of mobile marketing in 2014.
Jeep leverages new “Pull” format for more engaging ad
Published: November 21, 2013
Jeep is promoting its 2014 My Cherokee with a new mobile ad that engages consumers by asking them to pull down the ad to expand.
Tic Tac sees 7.94pc engagement rate with rich-media ad
Published: November 19, 2013
Tic Tac saw a 7.94 percent engagement rate with its October Shake, Share and Care rich media campaign, pointing to the importance of targeting a correct audience with an engaging unit.
Marketers need to cater to “snacking” mobile readers
Published: October 31, 2013
Since the average mobile reader tends to skim through headlines and snackable content as opposed to diving into long-form articles, marketers and publishers need to redefine the way ads reach their readers on mobile.
Mobile advertising advances on many fronts, challenging marketers to keep up
Published: August 20, 2013
While the consensus is that the mobile advertising user experience has made significant strides forward, this growing sophistication also makes it harder for marketers to decide how to move beyond the standard banner ad.
Samsung spotlights new refrigerator with rich media mobile ad
Published: August 9, 2013
Samsung is getting creative with its advertising for the new 4-Door Sparkling Water Refrigerator by placing a rich media ad within the Scramble with Friends mobile application.