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Mobile World Congress 2015: Samsung, Microsoft and smartwatches
Published: March 9, 2015
By Jarkko Leppalahti

It has been said that technology is at its best when you do not notice it – when you are only conscious of what you are doing, not the device you are doing it on.

GameStop bridges product research, in-store experience via streaming video
Published: January 13, 2015
Consumer electronics retailer GameStop is using Microsoft cloud platform Azure to stream video game and promotional content to customers’ and store associates smartphones and Windows tablets, aiming to provide a digitally immersive shopping experience within its physical stores.
Mhealth leaps forward as Kellogg's, Microsoft, others jump on board
Published: January 7, 2015
Kellogg's, Walgreens and Microsoft are just a handful of brands that have recently hit the ground running in the mobile health space, suggesting it is where marketers are aiming to be in 2015.
Mobile Minutes: Microsoft nixes Nook; Disney’s app push; Chinese app design; Jewelry meets wearables
Published: December 8, 2014
Today in mobile marketing - Barnes & Noble, Microsoft end Nook Media pact; Disney new mobile educational game apps will link to toys; What our tech giants should learn from Chinese app design; Going from smart to smarter.
Mobile Minutes: Sprint deal; iPad’s crucial holiday; GE and new media; Microsoft acquires Acompli
Published: December 3, 2014
Today in mobile marketing - Sprint deal: Half price for AT&T, Verizon defectors; 5 numbers that show why this holiday season is crucial for Apple's iPad; GE touts its new-media cred; Microsoft acquires email startup Acompli to give Outlook a mobile advantage.
Microsoft, Facebook turn to standalone apps to combat user frustration
Published: December 2, 2014
Brands such as Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, Facebook and Foursquare are creating a slew of standalone mobile applications targeting specific user groups with streamlined features to combat frustration with do-it-all apps.
Mobile Minutes: net neutrality; Vimeo; Opera users; ditching the PC
Published: November 11, 2014
Today in mobile marketing - Obama asks FCC for strong net neutrality rules; With high maintenance, Vimeo invests in original content; Opera to add 100 million users through Microsoft pact; You can ditch your PC now.
Mobile Minutes: Microsoft Office 365; banner ads; wearables weakness; mobile payment deals
Published: November 7, 2014
Today in mobile marketing - Microsoft is giving away its Office 365 mobile apps; Fall of the banner ad: The monster that swallowed the Web; Wearables are totally failing the people who need them most; Mobile payment providers entice shoppers with deals.
Successful women in mobile marketing do not wait for karma
Published: November 4, 2014
By Vanessa Horwell

Do you remember learning about Newton’s Third Law of Motion in high school? It states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Microsoft's cross-platform wearable, fitness strategy attracts Starbucks
Published: October 31, 2014
Microsoft is aiming to differentiate its cloud-based Microsoft Health service and wearable Band in highly competitive sectors by supporting all mobile device platforms, helping it attract big brands such as Starbucks to sign on.
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