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Why managing an app should be as easy as a Web site
Published: March 18, 2014
By Bob Moul

Retailers should apply technology that makes it as easy to manage mobile applications as it is to manage today’s Web sites.

Amazon Prime’s price increase could open door for rivals
Published: March 17, 2014
By Tom Caporaso

Amazon’s recent decision to raise the cost of a Prime membership will test some of the limits of paid loyalty among its core audience and could open the door for rival Internet retailers.

How mobile helps cut costs
Published: March 14, 2014
By James Orsini

Proper communication with customers via mobile outreach would not only reduce marketers' stress from the uncertainty, but also decrease the cost of lost productivity.

SXSW: Making the case for marketing-as-a-service
Published: March 13, 2014
By Doug Stovall

Brands and agencies are wrestling with the question of when personalized marketing based on consumer data crosses the line from relevant and helpful to creepy and intrusive.

What is Apple’s commerce and payments strategy?
Published: March 13, 2014
By Tim Dunn

Apple has made big leaps forward in the past by owning entire ecosystems, and the payments space has so many historically entrenched players that displacing them would be difficult.

Why mobile is central to omnichannel customers
Published: March 12, 2014
By Pradeep Aradhya

Consumers expect to engage before, during and after transactions with your brand. They will jump between online, in-store and mobile touch points and expect your brand to stay consistent with information, offers and service.

Tips on simple and personalized mobile design
Published: March 11, 2014
By Bill Loller

The increasing use of mobile has put pressure on marketers to understand the mobile experience and design their mobile marketplace to appeal to today’s shoppers.

Agency profile: Ignited bets on video to drive next-generation mobile experiences
Published: March 10, 2014
The Ignited agency’s approach to mobile advertising has progressed significantly since it started dabbling in the space nine years ago.

What retailers must do content-wise to adapt to the rapid shift to mobile
Published: March 10, 2014
By Joaquin Ruiz

Many retailers have seen marketing efforts affected by the rapid shift to mobile. Specifically, they have seen open and click-through rates decrease over the last three years for two big reasons.

Mobile Marketer's Mobile Outlook 2014
Published: March 7, 2014
The outlook for mobile advertising, marketing and media is bright for 2014 – but it could be brighter. What is obvious is the wholesale consumer migration to mobile media for content, commerce and communications. But marketers have been rather slow in catching on.
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