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Amazon gains, Apple loses in DOJ ebook price-fixing settlement
Published: September 10, 2012
It is likely that ebook prices will soon start dropping as a result of a settlement reached between the Department of Justice and several book publishers last week.

Amazon bets on price, content to compete against Apple's iPad
Published: September 7, 2012
Amazon clearly wants to compete with Apple's iPad, claiming that the new Kindle Fire HD 4G is the best tablet at any price.
ESPN strengthens second screen experience with iPad app
Published: September 7, 2012
ESPN is letting fans stay up-to-day during the upcoming football season with a new iPad application.
Handset manufacturers ramp up launches for second half
Published: September 4, 2012
The second half is typically when major mobile launches occur, but this year the activity seems particularly strong as manufacturers look to make a splash before the important holiday-giving period and, hopefully, take attention away from the growing competition.

Android takes mobile ad market share from iOS
Published: August 29, 2012
Android gained steam as an advertising platform in July, taking share of ad impressions away from iOS for the first time this year, according to a new report from Velti.

Apple's iPad trounces Samsung Galaxy Tab in US Q2 sales
Published: August 13, 2012
Documents filed by Apple and Samsung in a California federal court last week reveal that Apple sold 5.7 million iPads in the second quarter of 2012 in the United States while Samsung says it sold only 37,000 Galaxy Tabs.
Tablet magazines stumbling to justify existence, spend
Published: August 2, 2012
As both tablet adoption and mobile consumption of content continues to grow, publishers are hurrying to bring out tablet-friendly offerings. However, with tablet-only publication The Daily announcing significant cutbacks, it is clear the devices are not the panacea that some publishers may have hoped it was.
Apple’s Q3 growth slows on lackluster iPhone, iPad sales in some markets
Published: July 25, 2012
Some of the bloom may be coming off of Apple’s blossom, with the company’s fiscal third quarter results disappointing on several fronts. While the numbers were up from the same period a year ago, they reflect a slowdown in growth this year.
Apple’s iPad generates more revenue per impression than other mobile devices: report
Published: July 23, 2012
The evidence continues to stack up that Apple's iPad is an important marketing tool, with a new report from Opera Software showing that it generates more revenue per impression than other mobile devices.
Increased tablet competition could hurt Kindle Fire, not iPad
Published: July 16, 2012
Tablets are likely to be high on consumers’ wishlists this holiday season. However, unlike last year – when the tablet market was dominated by the iPad and Kindle Fire – the space will be much more competitive this year with a host of new entries.
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