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What Apple’s next iPad model must have to maintain edge
Published: March 27, 2012
Until recently many marketers have said that Apple's iPad was the only force in the tablet category. However, with the success of Amazon's Kindle Fire increasing and news of other tablets emerging, what can Apple do to maintain its edge in the tablet category?

Apple’s latest iPad receives more complaints than previous versions
Published: March 26, 2012
A variety of issues with the new iPad have been raised by customers, including that the device overheats, problems with the battery and the fact that users are quickly burning their monthly data allotments.
IPad sells 3M units, reflecting continued strength at high-end of market
Published: March 21, 2012
The latest iPad from Apple sold 3 million units over the weekend as new features such as a high-quality Retina display and 4G capability resonate with consumers.
Is Amazon the next Apple?
Published: March 16, 2012
Amazon and Apple are both companies who have embraced the post-PC digital world. Although Apple reigns in the mobile ecosystem, Amazon is quickly picking up steam and may pose a threat to the manufacturing giant.
Will clash over ebook prices lead to delays in content availability?
Published: March 9, 2012
Issues over how to price ebooks continue, with the U.S. Dept. of Justice reportedly preparing to sue Apple and a handful of publishers for violating antitrust laws unless they can reach an agreement first.
Apple delivers a one-two punch to knock out tablet competition
Published: March 8, 2012
The new iPad introduced by Apple yesterday has some nifty new features such as a super high-resolution display and 4G access. Combined with the announcement of a price reduction for the iPad 2, Apple is clearly moving to shore up its dominance at the high-end of the tablet market.

Kindle Fire disrupts tablet market, grabs market share from iPad: Forrester
Published: March 7, 2012
The new iPad 3 that Apple is expected to launch today could face stiffer competition than any previous tablet in the form of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, whose success since its launch is causing the tablet market to grow at faster pace than previously expected, according to a new report from Forrester Research.
What will the unauthorized cookies scandal cost Google?
Published: February 21, 2012
The discovery that Google has been tracking the Web activity of iPhone and iPad users on Safari without permission has the company in hot water and could end up costing it, both in terms of its reputation as well as monetarily.

AOL ramps up tablet strategy with optimized site
Published: February 21, 2012
AOL has debuted a tablet-optimized version of its Web site that was built using HTML5 and offers users an app-like experience.
Microsoft enters mobile news aggregator space with iPad app
Published: February 13, 2012
Microsoft is aiming to get a piece of the mobile news aggregator application pie with the launch of its MSN iPad app.