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3 misconceptions about location-based services
Published: December 22, 2016
By David Bairstow

Even though 83 percent of application users say location is crucial to their app experiences, it is astounding that more than half of location-dependent app users have not turned their location services on – even for things as basic as weather and navigation apps.

3pc of marketers use beacons while Wi-Fi verges on ubiquity: Forrester Research
Published: June 15, 2016
Only 3 percent of businesses currently use beacons, and another 11 percent are testing it, while next-generation Wi-Fi is expected to reach 90 percent penetration over the next few years, according to a new report from Forrester Research.
Microsoft's Foursquare deal makes sense but scale still an issue
Published: February 7, 2014
Microsoft’s deal with Foursquare does not push location services forward significantly, but it does point to how such offerings are increasingly table stakes in the mobile space.

Apple poised to surpass Google in indoor location-based services
Published: November 20, 2013
Location-based services is shaping up to be a significant portion of the mobile industry going forward. While Apple has traditionally not been very strong here, the company is quietly making gains and could even surpass Google in one quickly growing area: indoor location.

Facebook acquires Gowalla team to boost location-based services
Published: December 6, 2011
Facebook is acquiring the team behind social networking service Gowalla as it continues to build out its location-based services.

Mobile ads driving purchase intent among smartphone users: Google
Published: April 28, 2011
A study by Google Inc. found that mobile ads drive smartphone users to take actions such as visiting a Web site or making a purchase.
What are the hottest trends in mobile right now?
Published: April 1, 2011
The hot-button issues in mobile generating the most buzz at the moment include location-based services and marketing, the rise of mobile commerce and payments, as well as applications for smartphones and tablets.
Location-based marketing can increase average order value, frequency, loyalty
Published: March 29, 2011
While privacy concerns persist, adding a location component to a campaign gives mobile marketers the opportunity to increase the relevancy of their messages and make them immediately actionable.
Location-based services have yet to reach tipping point: survey
Published: March 28, 2011
Location-based services have yet to reach the tipping point, according to a survey by White Horse.
Jaguar revs up location-based mobile initiatives to promote vehicle lineup
Published: January 24, 2011
Luxury automaker Jaguar Cars Ltd. is running location-targeted display and search advertising to drive awareness of its new vehicle lineup and generate leads for its car dealerships.
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