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Mobile innovation is headed for consumer engagement
Published: March 5, 2014
By Rodney Williams

Curved glass. Phones that measure physical activity. Wearable tech. Connected cars. I am all for the innovations that are making mobile technology a more integrated part of consumers’ lives.

Social media conundrum: user experience vs. commercial need
Published: March 4, 2014
By Mark Pinsent

By giving us a useful service for free, social media companies want something back. And it is our data that they want.

The 3 Rs of mobile marketing
Published: March 3, 2014
By Melinda Krueger

If your legacy systems cannot recognize your customers across channels and deliver relevant information and offers in real time, you are not positioned to succeed in mobile marketing.

Going vertical while still staying open source will be key to Google winning Android wars
Published: February 28, 2014
By Jason Baptiste

The problem is that Android is not controlled by one single manufacturer, not even Google, since it is open source software. So who then is going to win the Android war?

What comes next after a mobile site
Published: February 26, 2014
By David Cole Jr.

With Google’s attempts at mobile search engine optimization, brands and organizations must prepare for the next algorithm. Digital experiences that are not mobile-ready are going to get knocked off the search giant’s radar.

Payments companies: Will mobile end the party?
Published: February 25, 2014
By Dave Sikora

Is mobile technology the silver bullet that has finally arrived which will change the rules and be a catalyst for redistribution of value creation from the payments players to the merchant segment?

Key tips for creating a user-friendly shopping experience for mobile consumers
Published: February 24, 2014
By Geoff Brash

The degree to which customers are at home in your mobile store depends on how easily they can navigation and search from their phones or tablets.

Impact on marketing of Facebook’s $19B acquisition of WhatsApp: Big zero
Published: February 21, 2014
Facebook’s plan to acquire mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion has earned the ire of frustrated media, competitors and industry pundits, and the envy of those VC-backed, revenue-less digital wonders waiting in the wings to be swooped into Google’s or another Silicon Valley giant’s arms.
Facebook now owns the three most ubiquitous mobile apps in the world
Published: February 21, 2014
By Hemang Gadhia

Facebook now owns the world's biggest social networking mobile app, photo-sharing mobile app and messaging mobile app.

Mobile commerce becomes key player in omnichannel strategy
Published: February 20, 2014
By Janet Jaiswal

The retail world is evolving, and so are its marketing tactics. Today’s modern consumer is becoming more technologically savvy and retailers are finding that a progression towards omnichannel retailing is becoming more prevalent.