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Device detection 2.0: Are marketers getting the full picture?
Published: February 16, 2017
By James Roswell

Shift in behavior has meant that brands have had to work harder to understand which devices consumers use to access their Web sites.

Q4 2016 mobile site performance analysis
Published: February 3, 2017
The 10th installment in an exclusive series, this publication is reporting on quarterly mobile site performance as monitored by Catchpoint Systems, New York. Find out in this installment how leading brands in the retail, banking and travel sectors fared.
Moving beyond the mobile-friendly conversation
Published: February 2, 2017
By Itai Sadan

When Google announced in early 2016 that 85 percent of the search results returned on mobile devices were now mobile-friendly and dropped its mobile-friendly tag, it became apparent that marketing and Web professionals needed to stop telling marketers to go mobile.

Reach the unreachable with browser push notifications and emails
Published: December 6, 2016
By Shiju Mathew

Data from the Mailchimp Web archive for ecommerce shows that the open rate for emails has dropped from 22.2 percent to 16.73 percent in the last four years. Clicks have also decreased from 2.9 percent to 2.3 percent. The unsubscribe rate has nearly doubled from 0.12 percent to 0.23 percent.

Cheetos uses mobile microsite as hub for comedic fashion campaign
Published: November 22, 2016
Cheetos is taking its brand in a new direction with a high-end fashion line and luxury-oriented digital content, all housed in a mobile microsite hub that acts as an anchor for the whole campaign.
3 common mobile Web design mistakes that could cost brands
Published: November 9, 2016
By Gabriel Shaoolian

The most important sales and marketing tool that you have is the mobile experience that you offer your users. This holds especially true for luxury brands where the expectations that consumers have is higher.

Taco Bell ushers in National Taco Day excitement via mobile-optimized ecards
Published: October 5, 2016
Taco Bell celebrated National Taco Day yesterday with a mobile-optimized microsite that let users send custom-made ecards to their friends via social media and email in an effort to raise hype for the event as well as its menu items.
Crate and Barrel addresses mobile growth with Web concierge service
Published: September 7, 2016
Crate and Barrel unveils a new Web experience today, enabling shoppers to chat with associates and receive links to products in an attempt to better take advantage of the growth in mobile traffic.
To shrink or not to shrink: Responsive vs. adaptive mobile design
Published: August 31, 2016
By Scott Anderson

A recent Pew study found that one out of every three American adults today owns a tablet, up from just 3 percent in May 2010. More importantly, 40.6 percent of buyers consult multiple channels — from Web sites and traditional catalogs to smartphones, tablets and stores — before buying big-ticket home retail items.

Why behavior matters more than thought leadership
Published: August 25, 2016
By Liraz Margalit

You do not want your users to think about using your app, just to use it. The part of our brain that controls habit has nothing to do with conscious thought. How can apps tap into its power?

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