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Fox Sports to broadcast first-ever live college football in virtual reality
Published: September 14, 2016
Fox Sports is putting viewers closer to the action then ever before by broadcasting the upcoming Ohio State versus Oklahoma football game live through virtual reality for all Android and iOS users.

General Mills, Yahoo target video-hungry millennials with live esports coverage
Published: September 13, 2016
General Mills is the latest sponsor of Yahoo Esports Live, a new weekly live-streaming show covering the world of esports, underscoring live video’s ability to connect brands with younger consumers.

5 tips to optimize images for mobile screens
Published: September 13, 2016
By Ellen Desmarais

Research has found that our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so as the screens get smaller and attention spans more frayed, it becomes even more important to use visuals effectively.

Mobile is shaping the future of consumer research
Published: September 13, 2016
By Ray Beharry

About 10 percent of the $18.9 billion spent globally on market research is allocated to online surveys in the United States alone — that is almost $2 billion.

Mobile Minutes: Galaxy Note 7 warning; Facebook’s emerging market; Nintendo smartphone game; Apple Music vs. Spotify
Published: September 12, 2016
Today in mobile marketing – F.A.A. ‘strongly advises’ against using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aboard planes; Facebook becomes emerging-markets play as user base shifts; Nintendo aims to rescue profits with Mario’s jump to smartphones; Apple Music vs. Spotify: guess who's winning now.
In mobile, marketers must put experience and expertise ahead of hard evidence
Published: September 12, 2016
By Chris Chang

The reason: We cannot yet track a linear relationship between action and result in mobile.

E! News targets millennials, premieres first Snapchat exclusive show
Published: September 9, 2016
E! News, the entertainment news broadcast owned by NBCUniversal, debuted one of the first fully produced weekly shows made exclusively for Snapchat yesterday called The Rundown.

General Mills unveils Box Top collection app to encourage mobile fundraising
Published: September 9, 2016
General Mills’ popular Box Tops fundraising campaign is getting a mobile makeover this fall with the release of the new Box Tops Bonus application.

5 ways to localize apps and build brand loyalty
Published: September 9, 2016
By Clint Poole

The next person who downloads your app could be located anywhere and will expect a seamless, tailored experience regardless of language. Mobile app localization is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity.

Subway's Avanti deal signals continued commitment to mobile and digital - Mobile Commerce Daily
Published: September 8, 2016
Mobile Commerce Daily today – Subway's Avanti deal signals continued commitment to mobile and digital; Retale’s RetaleBot lets customers chat their way to the nearest deals.
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