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Dodge Viper's mobile customization option gives brand upscale cache
Published: January 12, 2015
A move by FCA US, formerly Chrysler Group, to allow buyers of the Dodge Viper to extensively customize the snazzy sports car from a mobile-optimized Web site will support the model’s bid to be ranked in the premium category, on par with Porsche and BMW.
Marketers stormed CES in preparation for next innovation wave
Published: January 12, 2015
The big mobile news at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Store included wearables, robotics and the connected world.
Mobile versus being mobile: Match Web site experience to customer intent
Published: January 12, 2015
By Iman Sadreddin

I believe we now need to focus on developing the next level of mobile customer engagement, what I like to call intent Web design.

Travel industry shows rest of pack how to leverage mobile data
Published: January 9, 2015
The travel industry is setting itself apart from the pack in its ability to leverage mobile data to drive customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction, according to a report from Forbes Insights and Turn.
AccuWeather storms into wearables with Android Wear app
Published: January 9, 2015
A new AccuWeather mobile application that allows hyper-local weather forecasts to be checked with a glance at an Android Wear smartwatch brings together a demand for fast information with up-to-the-minute forecasts for an exact location.
Why location-based marketing is an overripe low-hanging fruit
Published: January 8, 2015
While the rise of geo-conquesting, navigational applications and an increase in sophisticated data have made campaigns from brands such as Toys “R” Us, adidas and Jack in the Box stand out in the mobile space, the number of ill-conceived location-based messages that have alienated consumers should give marketers pause about the risks of overdoing location targeting.
Marketers should boost targeting in troubled streaming music industry: report
Published: January 8, 2015
Mobile advertisers should consider how to make ads on mobile more targeted in light of music streaming services’ struggle to be profitable, according to a Strategy Analytics report.
Why are so few retailers achieving true omnichannel functionality – and is it even possible?
Published: January 8, 2015
By Kristi Soomer

The inherent belief within the retail industry is that omnichannel has an endpoint: at some point, a retailer will achieve a state of “omnichannel bliss.”

Kodak promises simplified smartphone experience with launch of IM5
Published: January 7, 2015
Kodak’s smartphone launch leverages a well-known photographic name with an outreach to older, less tech-savvy users who want an easier-to-use mobile phone.
Hardware makers love wearables, but consumers are perplexed
Published: January 6, 2015
Wearables’ ability to link with services from healthcare to business is a big trend at the International Consumer Electronics Show this year, even as new research suggests consumers struggle to use high-tech devices, raising questions for marketers.
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