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Three is the social media advertising magic number
Published: December 28, 2015
By Emily Adams

How do you know if social media ads are working? Is social advertising a worthwhile investment to grow your business?

3 trends that will transform the media industry in 2016
Published: December 24, 2015
By Jim Porçarelli

The media industry is facing significant changes in 2016 as media companies and brands double-up their efforts to adjust to digitally savvy consumer needs. These shifts will pave the way for new advertising services and partnerships, as well as foster greater creativity focused on delivering more innovative content to consumers.

3 steps for effective Facebook and Instagram holiday advertising
Published: December 23, 2015
By Brian Bowman

This season is an advertiser’s make-it-or-break-it time, particularly with Facebook, as it sells its ads based on a highly competitive bidding system.

How digital coupons attract the ultra-mobile, millennial customer
Published: December 22, 2015
By Gary Cowan

More than 31 billion digital coupons will be redeemed this year, almost double the 16 billion redeemed in 2014, according to Juniper Research.

Target eyes own mobile wallet as payments habits begin to change - Mobile Commerce Daily
Published: December 21, 2015
Mobile Commerce Daily today – Target eyes own mobile wallet as payments habits begin to change; Expedia taps in-app messaging for discount walkthroughs.
The mobile customer is the new king in retail
Published: December 21, 2015
By Steve French

We are currently in the midst of what Forrester Research calls a “Mobile Mind Shift.” Fueled by device proliferation, people are turning to their mobile phones for instant answers and gratification, and this is changing the world of technology as we know it.

Holy trinity of digital: Mobile video, data and artificial intelligence
Published: December 17, 2015
By Stephen Upstone

We live in a world of information-overload. On average, we see 362 advertising messages per day, but only 12 will make a significant impression.

Transforming mobile advertising into mobile customer care
Published: December 16, 2015
By Rob Malcolm

A recent survey found that 73 percent of brands think they care for consumers, while only 36 percent of consumers agree, highlighting a major, yet easily avoidable, problem in the consumer/brand relationship.

Favorable TCPA court decision for text message marketers
Published: December 15, 2015
California Federal Judge Manuel Real recently granted defendant Microsoft Corp.’s motion to dismiss the TCPA actions brought by plaintiffs Edmund Pietzak and Erin Hudson. The decision affects brands and retailers engaged in opted-in SMS marketing.
What is driving the surge in media M&A activity?
Published: December 15, 2015
By Jim Porçarelli

We are hearing from media executives across departments and title levels who predict that M&A activity will increase. Prime M&A targets for media companies will be digital companies.

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