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Mobile Minutes: Prive Firefox browser; The iPhone city; 2016 gadget takeaways; Amazon's flying warehouse
Published: December 30, 2016
Today in Mobile Marketing - The iPhone just got a new super-private Firefox browser; How China built iPhone City with billions in perks for Apple’s partner; The big takeaway for gadget nerds in 2016; This is Amazon's patent for a flying warehouse.
Top 10 social media marketing campaigns of 2016 - Luxury Daily
Published: December 30, 2016
Luxury Daily today - Top 10 social media marketing campaigns of 2016; Luxury Daily Awards’ 2016 winners: Gucci, Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter, Vogue and Euromonitor.
Finding opportunity in the chaos of mobile advertising
Published: December 30, 2016
By Phil Schraeder

For consumers, a smartphone can represent familiarity and comfort. For marketers, though, a smartphone can represent chaos and uncertainty.
Conversations I have with agencies, brands and publishers about mobile marketing increasingly seem marked by anxiety.

13 customer experience trends for 2017
Published: December 30, 2016
By Richard R. Shapiro

When today’s consumer has questions about your product, it is no longer acceptable to wait for the answers — they must be addressed in real time or the customer will turn to the next readily available and better option.

Top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2017
Published: December 29, 2016
By Ritesh Bhavnani

Mobile continues to be the marketer’s medium of focus, with mobile increasingly subsuming the overall digital advertising landscape. Where go eyeballs, so goes the money.

NBA's new companion app provides fantasy league-like experience
Published: December 28, 2016
The NBA is launching a new companion application that keeps sports fans engaged on a second screen during the game.
Audi changes the game by challenging gender roles - Luxury Daily
Published: December 28, 2016
Luxury Daily today - Audi changing the game by challenging gender roles; Top 10 brand social videos of 2016.
When the labels lost their status: 3 steps to reclaim luxury
Published: December 28, 2016
By Sarah Clark

Designer merchandise used to be the ultimate status symbol. The upper class was defined by who they wore. For most others, the closest they could get to a Donna Karan dress was leafing through the glossy pages of Vogue magazine.

First fruit of $45M investment in Vibes is acquisition of mobile firm Red Fish Media
Published: December 27, 2016
The move by the Chicago-based Vibes comes as the mobile marketing and technology space experiences a wave of consolidation among smaller and bigger platforms.
Social media behavior strong indicator of commercial intent, says Pinterest
Published: December 27, 2016
Pinterest’s new Pinterest 100 report lays out some of the most popular trends of the year according to users’ Pinterest pinning and shopping behavior.
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