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Your customers are more digitally empowered than ever before. They share experiences on multiple channels and expect you to do business on their terms. In the context of diminishing switching costs and accelerating technological advancements, the effective digitalization of your business is fundamental to its success.

Digital Transformation 2017 will leverage Forrester's deep research and front-line knowledge to provide you with the insight you need to digitally transform your business. Industry innovators from companies including AIG, Allstate, Bloomingdales, Expedia, Gap, GE Oil & Gas, Nespresso, Siemens, and Visa.

Over the course of two days, we will help you:

  • Understand how your digital customers interact and behave.
  • Achieve digital operational excellence to ensure you have the best processes and systems.
  • Build extensive digital partnerships and ecosystems to unlock more agile capabilities.
  • Take advantage of emerging digital technology that could give you a competitive advantage.
  • Harness digital innovation that could fundamentally change your business model.

Join more than 850 technology management leaders, innovators, and practitioners in Chicago this May to learn how true digital transformation has the power to unlock growth opportunities that will fundamentally change your company's business model.