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Barry Diller's IAC taps Ringleader Digital to deliver mobile ads

Looking to grow its revenue base, IAC Advertising Solutions has picked Ringleader Digital for its mobile advertising platform.

As part of this deal, Ringleader will deliver mobile ads for IAC Advertising Solutions, which handles mobile ad inventory on IAC sites such as Ticketmaster, Excite,,, Evite, Iwon, and Fun Web Products. IAC comprised 63 companies working with several online ad networks prior to its current iteration as a smaller, more focused interactive firm.

"We think mobile's going to be a really critical part of our strategy going forward," said Rich Stalzer, president of IAC Advertising Solutions, New York.

"We weren't doing much on mobile," he said.

Online, IAC Advertising Solutions has consolidated with Microsoft Corp.'s Atlas adManager platform.

"Atlas currently doesn't have a mobile component," Mr. Stalzer said.

Adding IAC Advertising Solutions will increase the size of Ringleader's publisher network nationwide.

"This is a consolidation into a single platform," said Bob Walczak, CEO of Ringleader, New York.

A third-party mobile ad network, Ringleader works with ad agencies and brands to extend their advertising to mobile.

Ringleader delivers ads by device functionality, and not just device type.

So, advertisers buying inventory on mobile sites in the IAC Advertising Solutions network are assured that their ads are sent to their target demographic on any available mobile network, according to Ringleader.

Also, advertisers won't be limited by incompatible ad formats or costs incurred due to designing and serving multiple ad formats.

Ringleader's location-based ads can work across mobile applications, video, SMS and the mobile Web.

IAC Advertising Solutions will open more ad inventory to advertisers as its rolls out more mobile sites of its Web properties.

"A company like IAC has many sites, so they need a master system that can work with multiple ad formats," Mr. Walczak said.