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Millennial Media adds TV Guide, Boston Herald to network

Millennial Media Inc., one of the largest mobile ad networks, said it had recorded more than 2.5 billion impressions last month.

The United States alone accounted for 1.94 billion monthly ad impressions, according to the Baltimore, MD-based company.

"What's going on is that the mobile advertising marketing began to take shape and momentum in the last 18 months," said Paul Palmieri, president/CEO of Millennial Media.

Combined, Millennial Media's publishers attracted more than 18 million unique mobile users in May. This is almost 50 percent of the U.S. mobile Web audience.

Millennial Media claims more than 1,200 sites in its ad networks. The networks comprise mobile services from online and mobile media content providers.

Publishers and media brands in the Millennial Media networks include Fox, CBS and ABC properties, as well as WeatherBug, Major League Baseball and Lexico, owner of and

The company places ads on behalf of advertiser clients such as Ford Motor, Texas Tourism, American Airlines and the U.S. Army on publisher sites in its networks.

The ad placements appear on-deck as well as off-deck via major wireless carriers.

"For advertisers we have [a] diverse set of solutions, from rich media to branded solutions to performance as well," Mr. Palmieri said.

Millennial Media yesterday said it added to its list brands such as TV Guide, The Boston Herald, The Washington Times, and GoTV's video service.

Millennial has several products for its network clients.

Millennial Motion offers rich media options and the MBrand network provides targeted audiences across premium content. Decktrade was designed for performance-based mobile ad campaigns.

Mr. Palmieri also reiterated his company's commitment to open markets for the mobile advertising sector to grow. He would like better connections between mobile ad servers to boost the revenue potential for publishers and carriers.

"The overall market will grow when there's a commitment to the open market from publishers, advertisers, ad networks and carriers," Mr. Palmieri said.